Invacare Updates Custom Power Chair Offerings

Invacare Corp.’s 2009 custom power wheelchair lineup incorporates new technology to enable clinicians and rehab technology suppliers to meet a myriad of client needs.

For instance, Invacare’s Manager of Corporate Communications, Lara Mahoney, points out that for the TDX SP (pictured here), “options now include the new G-track module that allows users to drive straight on their intended path, regardless of the terrain; and the Invacare IR module that will operate up to six remote control devices and a PC mouse from their driver control. In addition, Invacare has enhanced the Formula CG powered seating system, allowing clinicians and providers more solutions to achieve better outcomes for their clients.”

Speaking of Formula CG, Invacare’s Web site now has an easy way to catch up on what’s happening in powered seating. Go to, and click on “Powered Seating Enhancements” in the left navigation bar or in the revolving menu of topics on the right side of the home page.
You’ll be treated to an animated description of the powered seating features: Power Center Mount, Manual Center Mount, Cantilever Arms and Contoura Back. Included with the animated demonstrations are clinician/ATS video testimonials and product demonstrations, a list of Invacare power chairs that accommodate the power seating features, and additional photos of the various systems.

And while you’re visiting Invacare in cyberspace, check out the iPartner Solutions page — business management programs and strategies designed to help DME providers “target a stronger bottom line.”

This article originally appeared in the February 2009 issue of Mobility Management.

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