Sunrise Medical’s Sunrise Select Program Targets Loyal Providers

Sunrise Medical has introduced a new supplier program called Sunrise Select, says Michael Proffitt, VP of marketing & product management.

"The Sunrise Select Program was designed with one goal in mind: Financial security for our valued supplier network, ensuring long-term health and stability of our customer base," Proffitt says. "In order to achieve our goal, our focus is on helping our valued suppler network do three things: Increase revenue through expanded marketshare, increase profit margins and reduce operating expenses through increased business efficiencies. We are targeting all suppliers who are accredited, meet our authorized supplier requirements and are committed to Sunrise Medical products and services."

Proffitt described the program as having three levels: Elite, Preferred and Authorized. "The supplier's accreditation status, commitment level and strategic relationship with Sunrise Medical determines the supplier's appropriate level," he explains. "In return for their commitment, customers receive benefits based on their status."

And yes, smaller businesses can qualify and benefit from the program, Proffitt says. "We feel that the three tier levels offer customized, tailored offers to address the unique needs of all our customers. 'Mom & Pop' shops will likely qualify for the Authorized tier level. All levels will receive a subscription to the Sunrise Select Newswire, Sunrise Select webinars, dealer locator listings and customer service call prioritization." Contact your Sunrise account manager for details.

This article originally appeared in the June 2009 issue of Mobility Management.

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