50 Below Offers Suppliers a PayPal Option

DME suppliers who work with 50 Below will now have the option of adding PayPal to their online store functions.

50 Below says PayPal gives consumers another payment choice when shopping for DME online. DME suppliers who have PayPal accounts and work with 50 Below will be offered the PayPal alternative free of charge.

Suppliers are responsible for setting up their own PayPal accounts, if they don't already have them, but 50 Below says it can work closely to facilitate the setup process and answer questions along the way, should the supplier need support.

50 Below is offering the PayPal option to the suppliers it works with in the United States and Canada. PayPal acts as a payment intermediary for financial transactions conducted online; consumers using PayPal can make online purchases and transfer funds without having to divulge credit card or other personal financial information to the DME supplier.

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