Omni & Elite Bath Transfer Systems Answer Consumers’ & Caregivers’ Needs

Mobility Management spoke with Rachel Hoher, marketing manager, Columbia Medical, about the Omni and Elite systems.

Describe these products’ main features & benefits

Columbia Medical has revolutionized bathroom safety with the Omni and Elite Bath Transfer Systems. These multi-functional systems can be used as a transfer chair, a roll-in shower chair, a bath slider, a bedside commode or an over-the-toilet commode.

Both units provide an excellent transfer solution for use throughout a patient's home or within a facility. The positioning chair comes with a variety of accessories, such as head pads, positioning belts, armrests, lateral supports, an anterior support tray, and a padded abductor. In addition, the Omni and Elite both offer easy back- and calf-angle adjustments to ensure the user's comfort and ease of use for the caregiver. A unique, patent-pending "Auto-Safety Stop" mechanism prevents the chair from accidentally falling off the base, then the chair locks into position once the transfer is complete. And for ease of use, the quick latch system makes docking to the transfer base a snap, and the tub bench folds flat for storage and portability.

The Elite Transfer System features a continuous ComfortMesh cover to resist bacteria and fungus. The Omni Transfer System also boasts ComfortMesh, but has a built-in commode seat and pail for easy and secure toileting.

What target customer will benefit most from Omni’s and Elite’s features and functionality?

Patients and caregivers will both benefit from the Omni and Elite, as they help to ease the backbreaking lifting associated with bathing an individual. Both Omni and Elite are available in three sizes, each with a different weight capacity: up to 130 lbs., up to 175 lbs., and up to 200 lbs.

Four-inch double wheel casters, with locking feature, on the chair base make transfers smooth and ensure stability for the user. Rear anti-tippers can also be added for additional peace of mind.

Both Omni and Elite have also been recently reconfigured for a smaller footprint, ideal in small bathrooms.

What sets these bath transfer systems apart from their peers?

Unlike other bath slider/transfer systems available on the market, the Omni and Elite Transfer Systems are constructed of anodized aluminum, which gives them extraordinary wear and corrosion resistance.

While the competition may provide similar configurations, no other bath slider provides the stability and support offered by Columbia Medical's Omni and Elite line of bath transfer systems.

Call Columbia Medical today and discover all the benefits that the Omni and Elite Transfer Systems have to offer.

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