Case Study

Looking at It from at All the Angles

Lois Brown, MPT, ATP, rehab clinical education specialist for Invacare Corp., recalls a situation in which looking holistically at a client’s seating system resulted in a successful outcome.

“In a recent case,” Brown says, “I was working with an individual who is 10 years post injury with a T8 spinal cord injury. He was 6'7" and was replacing his ‘closed-frame’ manual ultralight chair.

“When I evaluated him, he mentioned that when he took out the rigidizer from his cushion, his propulsion significantly increased, and he felt the ‘gear’ of the wheel.

“We discussed the risks of leaving out the rigidizer, but were very careful to consider the cushion solution, its height with the rigidizer, along with the rear seat slope in order to obtain that same effect. With SmartWheel data, we were able to compare the old to the new system and improve his propulsion efficiency while maintaining his seated posture and skin-protection needs.”

This article originally appeared in the February 2012 issue of Mobility Management.

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