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Round-the-Clock Solutions for Busy KidsNot too long ago, a kid’s day was pretty predictable. On weekdays: Wake up, eat breakfast, walk or take a bus to school, sit at a classroom desk, go home. On weekends (yay!), add morning cartoons, household chores and family time — playing at the park, fighting with siblings, going to church or temple or mosque. Simple enough, right?

But the schedules for today’s children are anything but simple. Sure, there’s still the morning routine: Breakfast, brushing teeth, dressing, washing, potty time. And there’s still school, of course. But after school, there’s daycare or after-school programs. There are music lessons and baseball practice, play dates and tutoring…plus commuting to and from these events.

Fortunately, seating, mobility and accessibility manufacturers have ramped up their offerings to keep pace with the needs of active kids and their families. Today’s array of pediatric products can help ensure that children are properly and safely positioned — and functional — throughout their many activities and environments.

And since convenience is such a priority for families, manufacturers are paying close attention to such factors as portability, easy assembly/disassembly, growability, adjustability and a product’s ability to perform multiple functions.

The products pictured here are examples of seating & mobility solutions, with product details and selections edited for space. Please consult the Source List to contact the manufacturers directly for additional specifications, sizes, functions and product selections.

Rise & Shine!

Wake up, sleepyhead! Mornings are busy times for kids — not to mention their in-a-hurry parents. Eat breakfast; brush your teeth. Wash up, use the potty…no, you’re not wearing that shirt again!

Parents are looking to streamline morning ADLs, which means products in this category need to be efficient and easy to use.

And once shirts are buttoned and backpacks are readied, a larger selection of crash-tested WC19 (wheelchairs) and WC20 (seating) choices give parents more options for cars and schoolbuses.

Yikes, did the schoolbus just pull up? Grab your homework, and come on — let’s go!

Integrated Positioning System Car Seat

Integrated Positioning System Car SeatWhen it’s time to get to school — or daycare or playdates — Columbia Medical’s 2000/2500 IPS Car Seat can accommodate users weighing from 20 to 130 lbs. and up to 5'6" tall (with two IPS sizes available). The Car Seat features built-in lateral positioning and independently height-adjustable head pads or soft-padded headwings. And for frequent flyers: Model 2000 is certified for aircraft use.

Columbia Medical
(800) 454-6612

Freedom Seat

Freedom SeatCommuting to school, ballet lessons, soccer practice, et al, is a big part of the day, and Harmar’s Freedom Seat is designed to make those travels safe and secure. Using the original automotive seat, the Freedom Seat enables any child seat or booster seat to remain LATCH compliant. Posturing harnesses are available for extra support. The Freedom Seat can be applied to a second-row position in minivans and some SUVs.

(800) 833-0478

Jenx Junior

Jenx JuniorJenx Junior from Patterson Medical offers conventional, recline and tilt-in-space settings with numerous adjustments to accommodate children of various sizes and proportions in a range of activities. Molded polyurethane foam provides easy cleanup (with no fluid absorption), and two base options allow families to choose the seat height that works best for them. In three sizes to accommodate kids from 18 months to 12 years.

Patterson Medical
(800) 499-0285

WC20 Transit Hardware

WC20 Transit HardwareThe performance and fit of customized seating plus the assurance of WC20 crash-testing approval? Yes! Stealth Products’ WC20 transit hardware has been enhanced to improve securement and functionality. The addition of transit pins ensures securement points in the event the hardware loosens during transit and detaches from the wheelchair. Pins are tethered to the mounting hardware to keep them attached to the chair at all times.

Stealth Products
(800) 965-9229

Kids UP

Kids UpThe Kids UP line from Quantum Rehab includes a full range of attendant-propelled pediatric seating & mobility solutions. The Kids FAST and Kids ROCK products accommodate the Kids UP Dynamic Seating System so kids can move into flexion or extension while maintaining proper pelvic positioning.

Quantum Rehab
(866) 800-2002

Busy Day Ahead

Gone are the days when school meant sitting stiffly in straight-backed chairs with hands folded on desktops. Today’s classrooms are more interactive, and today’s young scholars are more active. Littlest students sit on the ground during rug time, and stand at tables for water and sand play. Bigger kids sit at desks, but still change position for music, art or small group times. Tweens and teens need to navigate quickly and efficiently between classes on larger campuses.

Products in this category may be handled and operated by multiple adults — schoolbus drivers, teachers and aides, occupational and physical therapists, classroom volunteers — as well as be “tried out” by curious classmates. So, durability is a key factor — as is ease of use by a variety of caregivers. Classroom aides — and parents, too — appreciate equipment that is easy to get children in and out of, so transitions are quick and so kids can move seamlessly from one activity to the next. And of course, since this equipment is in the public eye, good looks are a must!


NXT LEAFFreedom Designs’ NXT LEAF (Lower-Extremity Accommodation Frame) adjusts 22° from midline for setup to accommodate abduction, adduction or windswept positions. For children with special lower-extremity positioning requirements, the LEAF minimizes the size of the wheelchair and preserves the “correct and functional” frame size. Fits NXT wheelchairs with folding or rigid frames.

Freedom Designs
(800) 331-8551

NXT LEAF & MAPS Seating Options

NXT LEAF & MAPS Seating OptionsCreated to complement Freedom Designs’ LEAF and MAPS frame and footrest options, new seating options can be manufactured specifically to fit unique positioning requirements. Pictured is a seating system for a windswept position; it fits the NXT wheelchair’s LEAF option.

Freedom Designs
(800) 331-8551

Natural-Fit LT

Natural-Fit LTThis high-performance ergonomic handrim from Out-Front is tailored to fit smaller hands, but has the same goals as the adult-sized Natural-Fit: to enhance propulsion performance and efficiency, eliminate pushing on the tire, ease pain in hands and wrists and provide greater control when braking.

(480) 833-7438

Surge LT

Surge LTSurge LT is Out-Front’s lightweight, all-in-one oval handrim with a Gription strip to improve traction on every push. The Surge LT, with its smaller oval, is designed to fit the hands of junior-sized users. But it does not add width to the chair and can be mounted in close-in or wide-mount tab locations.

(480) 833-7438

CrawlAbout Crawl Trainer

CrawlAbout Crawl TrainerCreated for children without head control or the ability to roll over and crawl, Wenzelite Re/hab’s CrawlAbout supports them and encourages crawling. It features a four-wheeled, height-adjustable aluminum frame with an adjustable foam-padded suspended harness. A caregiver or therapist can steer from the rear.

Drive Medical Design & Manufacturing
(Wenzelite Re/hab)
(877) 224-0946

Spree 3G

Spree 3GEasy to grow, tilt and adjust, Invacare Corp.’s Spree 3G brings virtually all of the Solara 3G wheelchair’s enhancements to a pediatric-sized package. The Spree 3G features a compact design with plenty of configuration possibilities and accessories.

Invacare Corp.
(800) 333-6900

Stimulite Contoured Pediatric Cushion

Stimulite Contoured Pediatric CushionSupracor’s kid-sized cushion features a soft top layer fused to a firmer bottom layer of flexible Stimulite honeycomb. Adductors, abductors and an ischial dish provide positioning while the honeycomb cells hold the child in place.

(800) 787-7226

Paraplis Umbrella Holder

Paraplis Umbrella HolderClarke Health Care Products’ made-in-theshade solution is also a hands-free one. The Paraplis Umbrella Holder attaches to a stroller or wheelchair and holds an opened umbrella. The Paraplis can swing the umbrella up or down via simple push-button adjustments and can lock into position at any angle. Holds umbrella handles from 3/4" to 1 3/8" in diameter.

Clarke Health Care Products
(888) 347-4537

Optima Toilet & Shower System (TSS)

Optima TSSThe Optima TSS from Columbia Medical functions as a multi-use system: a stand-alone commode, an over-the-toilet system, a roll-in shower chair, or a stationary system. And with multiple adjustments — frame height; seat depth; back height, angle and depth; armrest width; and footrest height — it can grow as a child grows.

Columbia Medical
(800) 454-6612

Kid Kart Xpress

KidKartSunrise Medical’s Kid Kart Xpress combines contemporary styling with plenty of function, including 65° of tilt, optional 45° of recline, growth capabilities and a transit option. A height-adjustable booster base facilitates feeding at mealtimes.

Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000

Home Again

Whew! After a busy day in the classroom and on the playground, it’s good to get home and relax. But there’s still plenty to do, both good (snacktime!) and not so good (yuck, homework). When the rest of the family gets home, it’s time for dinner, time to share stories of the day, and time to catch up with siblings and pets. Today’s families don’t have a lot of down time in the evenings, which makes the quality of that time very important. Equally important: Maintaining proper and safe positioning even while relaxing and “hanging out.”


TwistActive kids need a wheelchair with just the right fit. TiLite’s new Twist answers the call with a 1" aluminum frame design to make it easy to install a wide range of seating components. The Twist’s Tru-Fit system reduces the number of holes in the frame to improve durability and allow for easy adjustment and setup. Flip-back footrests make transfers easier and safer, and compact wheel locks and DASH high-performance wheels are sized just right for littler hands.

(800) 545-2266

M300 PS Jr.

M300 PS Jr.Permobil’s popular M300 power chair can now accommodate the PS Jr. seating system, enabling kids to enjoy the benefits of midwheel drive. The M300 PS Jr. combines the same climbing and traction innovation as the adult-sized M300, while the seating grows with the child. Features new flip-back armrests, which attach to the backrest canes to free up space on the seat rail (room for more accessories: yay!). The M300 PS Jr. also allows for 3" of inward and 3" of outward off set to provide a much broader range of between-the-armrest measurements, while still allowing armrests to flip back.

(800) 736-0925

First Class Chair

First Class ChairWenzelite Re/hab’s First Class Chair is designed to assure good feet-to-the-floor posture, with multiple adjustments and positioning options to keep pace with kids as they grow. Easy adjustments make the First Class Chair convenient for home, classroom or clinic. The seat is depth and height adjustable and tilts up to 15°.

Drive Medical Design & Manufacturing
(Wenzelite Re/hab)
(877) 224-0946

Catalyst Spark

Catalyst SparkThe Spark from Ki Mobility is designed to work with virtually any clinically prescribed seating system to accommodate a range of pediatric needs. The contoured back comes with 32° of built-in angle adjustability and the ability to change the depth by 4" in 1" increments. An easy-to-release latch enables the Spark to fold into a small package and then open again with a snap — sure to be appreciated by busy moms and dads. WC19 approved.

Ki Mobility
(800) 981-1540

NXT Specialized Tilt-in-Space

NXT Specialized Tilt-in-SpaceFreedom Designs’ NXT wheelchair strives to make things easy for its young users as well as parents and grandparents — and now, an attendant can operate the NXT’s tilt function, control the chair’s speed and direction, and lock the rear wheels while in strolling position. When hand or foot locks are specified (no charge!), Freedom Designs includes standard push-to-lock wheel locks, handy when the NXT is on buses or other public transportation.

Freedom Designs
(800) 331-8551


DynoWith a swiveling front wheel for outdoor mobility and indoor maneuverability, the Dyno from Xplore Mobility is at home in a variety of environments. Quick-release wheels and a compact folding design make the Dyno easy to travel with… as does the fact that it’s WC19 compliant.

Xplore Mobility
(888) 575-9225

Stimulite Wellness Mat& Pillow

Stimulite Wellness Mat & PillowThis versatile mat from Supracor is made of cells that flex to create a massaging effect, stimulate bloodflow and bring more oxygen to tissues to promote relaxation — just the thing after a busy day. The completely ventilated pillow, with two different sides, can be used as a back or head support.

(800) 787-7226

Skippi Power Chair

Skippi Power ChairOttobock’s new pediatric power chair, the Skippi, was designed for flexibility. Children with mild seating & positioning needs, who can operate Skippi with a simple joystick, will benefit. But Skippi can also be set up to be operated via alternative control devices. Skippi offers a range of adjustability and adaptability to accommodate planar, modular and custom seating systems.

(800) 328-4058

Good Night!

Where did the day go? Too soon, it’s time to put the toys away and start on those evening ADLs — taking a bath, brushing teeth, donning pajamas and getting ready for bed. Products in this realm need to promote and support proper positioning even during ordinary activities such as listening to (just one more!) story. Night-night!

Dolphin Bathing Chair

Dolphin Bathing ChairDesigned to be comfortable and stable, Wenzelite Re/hab’s adjustable Dolphin bathing chair fits all standard tubs and is made of an aluminum frame with quick-drying mesh fabric. The basic chair includes adjustable head stabilizer, lap belt and trunk support. The Dolphin folds flat for easy storage.

Drive Medical Design & Manufacturing
(Wenzelite Re/hab)
(877) 224-0946

Jenx Dreama

Jenx DreamaPatterson Medical’s Jenx Dreama offers support in prone, supine and side-lying positions thanks to a simple-to-use design (no noisy hook-and-loop straps!). The flexible Dreama base allows it to be contoured to support partial sitting or raising of the child’s feet. Cushions are covered with welded PU material to prevent fluids from being absorbed by the foam, while two-way-stretch fabric enhances the foam’s pressurerelieving qualities. Fits cribs or twin beds.

Patterson Medical
(800) 499-0285

Wrap-Around Bath Supports

Wrap-Around Bath SupportsWhen it’s bathtime, Columbia Medical’s Wrap-Around Bath Supports can provide support in the tub. The supports are available in Hi-Back or Lo-Back options and are height adjustable. The wide-stance, stable base fits into any tub, but can also be used as a floor sitter…perhaps for playtime after pajamas are put on?

Columbia Medical
(800) 454-6612

Ceiling-Mounted Track System

Ceiling-Mounted Track SystemSureHands’ Lift & Care System features a Body Support or Handi-Sling to easily and safely lift kids and move them via a ceiling-mounted track system. The lift system reduces the carrying and lifting that mom and dad have to do, for instance, to get kids into the bathtub, then back out again.

SureHands Lift & Care Systems
(800) 724-5305

Pediatric Technology Aquatec Bathlifts

Pediatric Technology Aquatec BathliftsAquatec bathlifts, from Clarke Health Care Products, provide complete seating & positioning systems for bathtubs. Wide models and full-platform models can be used in larger tubs and for children with higher body weights. Adjustable side laterals, reclining backs, belts and pillows enable caregivers to customize the lifts for the best positioning.

Clarke Health Care Products
(888) 347-4537

Zippie ZONE

Zippie ZONEThis Sunrise Medical ultralight pediatric rigid chair with flip-up footrests and an abducted frame with inset backrest is designed to fit some of your littlest self-propelling clients. The ZONE is also built to enable outstanding wheel access to facilitate independent mobility. An optional glow-in-the-dark frame color makes it easier for kids to reach out and transfer into the ZONE for nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000

This article originally appeared in the July 2012 issue of Mobility Management.

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