Transfer Tutorials Are As Close as YouTube

Sure, we lose some workweek productivity to viral clips of talking babies or frolicking cats every so often. But the Internet really does have some redeeming videos — including ones showing real-life wheelchair users performing transfers in the home.

Transfer Tutorials

The star in a series of these videos is Cindy (pictured), a 62-year-old with T3 complete transverse myelitis. In her film clips, which vary in length from a little over a minute to a little longer than four minutes, Cindy demonstrates how she transfers from her bed to her selfpropelled manual chair; from her chair onto the toilet (using a transfer board and a toilet transfer system); from toilet to the shower; and from chair to bed again.

In these videos — some of which have even garnered “likes” from viewers who describe themselves as clinicians — Cindy demonstrates the various types of equipment she uses, and shares candid and helpful tips. While wheeling her toilet transfer chair into the shower, for instance, she says, “I leave my clothes on and my shoes on really to protect my skin. And since I don’t transfer up high and over very well, I leave my clothes on till I’m in the shower/tub area. Then I take them off .”

The quick tutorials can be viewed at Use the search term “Cindy paraplegic transfer” to bring up the list of videos. In addition to transferring in the bathroom and bedroom, Cindy transfers to a standing frame and into an accessible van, and gets some help at the gym with an assisted transfer.

Meanwhile, if you search YouTube using just the term “Cindy transfer,” you can view transfer videos of a different, but just as independent Cindy — Cindy Goff in conjunction with Kentucky AgrAbility and the Kentucky Appalachian Rural Rehabilitation Network.

Ms. Goff ’s transfers from wheelchair to golf cart and ride-on lawnmower are not to be missed. As she advises during the latter transfer, “Always wear shoes when you’re mowing. I haven’t worn shoes one time, and I burned my feet.”

This article originally appeared in the March 2013 issue of Mobility Management.

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