NGS Issues Walker Billing Reminder

National Government Services (NGS), the Jurisdiction B DME MAC, has become the latest to issue a billing reminder for HCPCS code E0147, defined as “Walker, heavy duty, multiple braking system, variable wheel resistance.”

In June, NGS reminded providers that when they bill for walkers with the E0147 code, the claim “must include the manufacturer’s name and product name/number. The information should be entered in loop 2400 (line note), segment NTE02 (NTE01=ADD) of the ANSI X12N, version 5010A1 professional electronic claim format.”

NGS also reminded providers that this type of walker is “covered for beneficiaries who meet coverage criteria for a standard walker and who are unable to use a standard walker due to a severe neurologic disorder or other condition causing the restricted use of one hand. The only walkers that may be billed using code E0147 are those products for which a written coding verification review has been made by the PDAC Contractor and subsequently published on the appropriate DMEPOS Product Classification List.”

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