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These Multi-Tasking Seating & Mobility Products Make It Easier to Explore

Complex Rehab Technologies on the goTransportability means different things to different consumers. To frequent flyers who know airports by heart, it may mean the ability to quickly disassemble or fold a wheelchair or seating system and store it in an aircraft closet or the back seat of a rental car — whatever model is available when they get to the rental lot after a full day of flying.

To college students or urbanites, it might mean a wheelchair that can be safely secured in buses and other rapid-transit vehicles, so they can navigate their neighborhoods and campuses efficiently and safely.

To a suburban parent juggling carpooling, soccer practice and drama club rehearsals, transportability might mean being able to quickly collapse a positioning stroller, grab it and tuck it into a minivan already packed with groceries, squabbling kids and backpacks.

And for all of the above, transportable complex rehab technology and accessibility equipment can make vacations and overnight trips more convenient — and in some cases, can mean the difference between hitting the road or staying home.

That’s quite the long list of requirements — and they’re only the ones directly tied to transportability. Obviously, consumers also want much more.

Nanneke Dinklo, global marketing & business development manager for Convaid, says that when the pediatric wheelchair and positioning manufacturer designs products, it “always looks to see if we can make the product lightweight, compact folded and convenient. Quality and durability are always at the cornerstone of our development. Convaid is committed to crash testing all of our products, so we cannot sacrifice durability.”

Dinklo says there are some basic transportability traits that consumers look for in products that travel: “Consumers are looking for chairs that are lightweight, are easy to fold and easy to use,” she says. And she says consumers usually do acknowledge differences between typical products and those that support clients with special needs: “Once they understand the needs of the child and the day-today use, they tend to understand that medical mobility products have to be different from consumer mobility products in what they can accomplish in function and transportation,” she notes.

That said, other traits such as appearance are still important to consumers.

“They are always very happy when they see that our products are accomplishing the clinical needs of the child and don’t look medical,” Dinklo notes.

In this pictorial, you’ll find CRT that’s designed with transportability in mind — as well as some accessibility components designed to complement them. Together, they can support your clients in style, whenever the roads or skies call out to them. — Ed.

Generation NXTGeneration NXT

Freedom Designs’ new tilt-in-space wheelchairs for kids offer portability and durability with plenty of positioning support. The Future Fit program provides parts to grow the folding or rigid NXT once during the frame’s lifetime. Freedom has also launched the Lower Extremity Accommodation Frame and the Multi-Axis Positioning System footrest to optimally position legs and feet.

Go factor: Easily folded, lifted and stored in even very small spaces for travel.

Freedom Designs
(800) 331-8551


Thomashilfen’s new rehab stroller seeks to simplify the most important and most used functions for parents and caregivers, including adjusting seat angle and folding the stroller to store it. Both are easily accomplished with tRide — and as an added bonus for ATPs, seat width and depth can be changed with the child seated in the tRide: No tools needed! Headrest and footrest can be adjusted per each child’s needs. Under-seat storage can hold a vent tray or other travel essentials.

Go factor: WC19 crash tested. Use one hand to adjust the angle of the seat, or to remove the seat from the frame.

(866) 870-2122

K300 PS JuniorK300 PS Junior

The K300 front-wheel drive power base, with a 165-lb. user weight capacity, has growth built right in. Seat widths are available 11-16", and seat depths from 10" to 18". Armrests are adjustable, and the K300 offers seat elevation and optional power or manual tilt (45°) functions, plus programmable R-net controls. To ensure kids can keep up with pals, the base comes with a 5-mph top speed, with an upgrade to 6.5 mph available. An array of eye-catching color choices make sure that heads turn when the K300’s owner arrives on the scene.

Go factor: Crash-tested for riding in the car.

(800) 736-0925

Zippie VoyageZippie Voyage

The growable Voyage has an impressive pedigree, with a Baby Jogger base and versatile Zippie seating to combine stroller-style appearance and functions with a large choice of positioning components. Voyage has 45° of rearward tilt and optional 45° of recline assist to support feeding, digestion, respiratory function and visual field. Face the child forward so he/she can enjoy the surroundings, or rearward to engage with the caregiver.

Go factor: Folds for storage in one quick and easy step.

Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000

Q6 EdgeQ6 Edge

This versatile, transit-ready power chair features a Mid-Wheel 6 drive design and ATX Suspension to meet performance needs of even the most active users. A full range of seating and electronics options — including Synergy Seating — means ATPs and clinicians can dial in positioning specifications just as each client needs. Available in seat sizes from 10x10" to 22x22" with a 300-lb. weight capacity.

Go factor: Request the optional WC19 securement package for clients who’ll be riding in motor vehicles.

Quantum Rehab
(866) 800-2002

Multifold Reach RampMultifold Reach Ramp

The ideal portable vehicle ramp combines strength and light weight so it can support a wide range of mobility vehicles, but still be easy to handle. The Multifold Reach ramp does just that: Available in lengths ranging from 6' to 10', it has a weight capacity of 700 to 800 lbs., but weighs just 36 to 63 lbs., depending on length. An extended hook helps to clear rear bumpers without sacrificing strength. Includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Go factor: Folds in half and separates into two pieces so it can be carried like a suitcase.

Prairie View Industries
(800) 554-7267

multiCHAIR SeriesmultiCHAIR Series

Whatever the need — stationary or sliding, shower/tub system or commode — the multiCHAIR series has an answer. A unique leg-clamping design combined with the solid-feeling rigidity of a welded joint provide users with durability and security while using the products — but multiCHAIRS are also easily assembled and disassembled, even in small hotel rooms. Because they’re built to order, special requirements can be accommodated without the hassle of needing special or customized parts.

Go factor: Check out the Nuprodx Web site for testimonials of travelers who carry their multiCHAIRS onto airplanes and set them up in bathrooms all over the world.

(855) 220-2151

Kanga TSKanga TS Wheelchair

Available in pediatric and adult sizes, the Kanga tilt-in-space chair offers built-in growth: It can be configured to 10", 12" or 14"; or to 16", 18" and 20". Purchase just the frame, or order the full wheelchair with the seating system and all positioning features included. The frame includes adjustable armrests, push handles, seat depth, back angle, anti-tipper and curb-assist levers. And Kanga can accommodate most custom rehab seating and positioning systems.

Go factor: Remove the seat and back, then fold the Kanga for easy transport.

Drive Medical
(877) 224-0946

VeloceVeloce Wheelchair

Using a system that Motion Composites calls “Ultrarigid Folding,” the Veloce features a symmetrical carbon fiber crossbrace, oval-shaped tubes and oversized pivot axles to maximize frame rigidity and responsiveness. But the transportability traits of a folding chair are also preserved for consumers who prefer to fold and go.

Go factor: With a total weight of 17.6 lbs. and a transport weight of 11.22 lbs., the Veloce is a breeze to lift and store in a motor vehicle.

Motion Composites
(450) 588-6555


Thanks to 30° of tilt, the Cruiser helps to improve kids’ postural control throughout the upper body, while the Self-Tensio self-tensioning seating system helps to promote neutral pelvic positioning. Available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18, with a 250-lb., weight capacity, the built-to-order Cruiser can accommodate children right into their teens and adulthood.

Go factor: A transit option is available with four bright red anchors, H-harness positioning belts, foot positioners and headrest extension. The Cruiser folds easily and weighs just 27 to 32 lbs., depending on size selected.


TWISTTwist Wheelchair

Made just for kids and their varying adventures, the Twist offers 2" of seat width growth and 3" of seat depth growth — no parts or growth kits to buy. Seat width/depth starts at just 8" to fit your littlest clients. The Twist’s 1” aluminum frame design makes it easy to install seating components, and TiLite’s Tru-Fit system provides for infinite adjustment.

Go factor: Easily removable Center-Mounted Push Handle option lets caregivers help out as needed.

(800) 545-2266


Columbia Medical’s new center-of-gravity tilt chair has a rigid seat frame atop a compact folding wheelbase to easily disassemble for storage or transport. But Innova is still fully featured: Back depth can grow from 12" to 23", and the frame width can grow from 14" to 18" with an optional growth kit.

Go factor: Innova quickly disassembles and folds to fit into car trunks or the backs of minivans. A WC19 transit model is available.

Columbia Medical
(800) 454-6612

This article originally appeared in the January 2015 issue of Mobility Management.

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