Chris Ritter Named ROHO Product Manager of AGILITY line

Chris Ritter has been named the product manager of global sales for ROHO Inc.’s AGILITY line of products.

In a March 16 news announcement, ROHO noted that the position was newly created, with the goal of “establishing focus and placing a senior, professional resource in a key area of growth for the company.”

The AGILITY line currently consists of the Max Contour, Mid Contour, Minimum Contour and Custom wheelchair backrest systems, but at last month’s International Seating Symposium in Vancouver, B.C., ROHO showed off its upcoming AGILITY Carbon – a carbon fiber backrest.

Ritter was previously ROHO’s senior director of global sales.

In his new role, Ritter will be training clinicians, educators and sales/business partners on current AGILITY products as well as lead introductions of future additions to the line, ROHO said. He’ll also be responsible for driving worldwide sales growth of the line and will act as “the voice of the customer regarding the design and performance of AGILITY products within ROHO’s product management system.”

Tom Borcherding, president of ROHO, said of the appointment, “Chris brings to the table a strong combination of sales experience, product knowledge, leadership and tenacity. That combination of traits sets him apart and makes him uniquely qualified to take on this very important position.”

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