Two Cushions, Same Code

To explain how two very different seat cushions can have the same HCPCS code, Jeff Rogers, senior JAY seating product manager for Sunrise Medical, compared two current Sunrise Medical cushions.

“In our Fusion, our focus is our fluid technology,” Rogers said. “It has a combination of a hard structural foam for stability and a high-resilience softer foam for comfort, and it helps with skin protection. Then on the other side in that same code, we have our JAY J3 cushion, where we partnered with ROHO and have the air bladder put in the well. It’s more focused on a prescribed fit with the air bladder. It’s similar materials, but two very different products. They’re both E2622.”

Rogers added that different seating philosophies can lead to different technology approaches.

“We’ve seen competitors in the market focusing on different ways of providing cushions,” he said. “We hear the term ‘off-loading’ a lot, where people are supporting the [client] where they feel fit and not as susceptible to pressure sores. However, that can feel very uncomfortable. For the Fusion, we focus more on immersion and allowing a uniform pressure across the individual to distribute the weight and bring the pressures down. So two very different ways of tackling a similar problem, but both of them are in the same code.”

JAY Fusion and JAY J3

Left: JAY Fusion, Right: JAY J3

This article originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of Mobility Management.

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