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Celebrating the 2021 Mobility Product Award Winners

gold medalThis summer, the world celebrated the talent and heart of its best athletes. The pandemic delayed the Olympic and Paralympic Games, but it didn’t stop athletes from reaching new heights… and it hasn’t slowed the innovation that has always driven the seating, mobility and accessibility industries.

Our 2021 Mobility Product Award entries were scored by ATPs (whose identities we keep confi dential). Products are nominated by their manufacturers/distributors, and a product can only win once in any category. Congratulations to the winners.

Power Wheelchairs, Group 3, Standard

Edge 3 Stretto with Captain Seating iLevelEdge 3 Stretto with Captain’s Seating, iLevel

The Edge 3 Stretto’s narrow base is perfect for navigating tight corners and small spaces. With an overall width of 20.47" with 12.5" drive wheels, the Edge 3 Stretto is a great choice for children, teenagers and small adults. A new captain’s seat uses the side rails found on other types of Quantum seating, for siderail-mounted accessories and easy adjustability of seat depth.

Quantum Rehab

Manual Wheelchairs, Tilt-in-Space

Little Wave ArcLittle Wave Arc

The Little Wave Arc’s patent-pending Arc Tilt System results in effortless repositioning and a shorter, more maneuverable wheelbase. Arc is the lightest pediatric folding tilt-in-space wheelchair available. Its intuitive, easy-to-fold design and compact wheelbase make its folded footprint very small. Ki has also built in plenty of growth and offers unique programs for growing kids.

Ki Mobility

Wheelchair Backs (E2620-2621)

NXT XtendNXT Xtend

One of the most uniquely adjustable backs on the market, the NXT Xtend Back Support has an adjustable height range from 16" to 20", allowing for precisely targeted support of the thoracic region. Elegant and modern, the Xtend Back Support is made with smartx3D, innovative four-way stretch fabric technology offering breathability, durability and comfort.

Motion Composites

Standing Wheelchairs


A true mid-wheel drive, the Q700-UP M standing power chair is a fantastic balance of indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance, allowing tighter turns and driving over uneven ground with greater confidence. Easily programmable SEDEO ERGO seating allows you to tailor the standing experience to individual needs. As a fully coded Group 3 power chair, the Q700-UP M provides an accessible funding path to standing for a wide variety of users.

Sunrise Medical

Wheelchair Accessories

Infinity Link HardwareInfinity Link Hardware

This incredibly versatile solution for mounting headrests and accessories features a strong, rigid design that enables infinite adjustability. More links can be added for more reach. Infinity Link is super lightweight, low profile and easy to adjust, and it’s precision machined from aerospace-grade aluminum for strength.

Symmetric Designs


Q-Logic 3e ControllerQ-Logic 3e Controller

The Q-Logic 3e controller has many of the features of Q-Logic 3, but in a simpler package. It’s a great option for consumers who require a simpler user interface, and provides easier access to seating functions. Features include a color LCD screen, programmable soft keys and built-in USB-C and XLR charger ports. Q-Logic 3e is available on most Quantum power chairs.

Quantum Rehab

Power-Assist Systems

Cheelcare CompanionCheelcare Companion

Companion is a front-mount power assist for rigid and folding wheelchairs. Companion’s patent-pending design is sleek, easy to maneuver, fast, and lightweight. It can also be personalized, allowing users to tailor the Companion’s aesthetics and function to their lifestyles. Its powerful motor boasts multiple speed settings, with a top speed of 16 mph and a range of 16 miles on a full three-hour charge. Get connected and moving in less than 10 seconds thanks to a quick-connect mechanism.


Seat Cushions (E2603-2604)

PC GelPC Gel

The PC Gel’s high-density, high-resilience foam provides long-lasting support, while coccyx and sacral relief offer more sitting comfort and skin protection. A super-soft silicone gel insert in the overlay forms to the ischial tuberosities and coccyx for pressure reduction and to prevent shearing. High-resilience foam around the gel insert in the overlay supports greater trochanters and femurs for enhanced pressure reduction.

Precision Comfort

Alternative Driving Controls

ASL 102 UNO Single Switch Scanner with BluetoothASL 102 UNO Single Switch Scanner with Bluetooth

Designed for anyone with only a single constant switch site, this scanner gives wheelchair users control over power chair movement, seat functions, phones, tablets, communication devices — with just one switch. An Attendant Control works in conjunction with the Drive Control to allow the attendant to assist without changing to another drive setting. Using ASL accessories, a client can connect wirelessly through the Tecla E or scan on a communication device when an ASL 802/4 is added.

Adaptive Switch Labs

Ultralightweight Wheelchairs (tie)


The Nitrum is engineered to efficiently convert energy into motion. Individually position feet, lower legs, and pelvis for improved handling and efficient propulsion. A minimalistic open frame design features ovalized 7020-series aerospace aluminum heat treated using ShapeLoc technology. With hollow forged caster link tubes, QUICKIE minimized the total weight and energy expenditure needed for propulsion.

Sunrise Medical

Power Wheelchairs, Group 3, Multiple Power (tie)

MPS Mini Maxx — Multi-Position Power Standing SystemMPS Mini Maxx Multi-Position Power Standing System

The all-new MPS Mini Maxx system is now available exclusively on ROVI X3 and A3 bases. This highly adjustable system combines power standing with a full range of power positioning, all in a compact design that offers your smallest clients a tremendous amount of built-in growth. The system offers 45° of CG tilt, 165° of recline with Extended Shear Reduction, 7" of power adjustable seat height, and a power elevating belt drive center-mount articulated foot platform.

Motion Concepts

Smart Technology

MyPermobil with Voice Assistant

MyPermobil with Voice AssistantVoice Assistant lets even more users benefit from the MyPermobil app. For individuals with limited use of their hands, navigating a smartphone is a challenge. Permobil’s app is the only one from a wheelchair manufacturer that responds to a user’s voice. The MyPermobil app is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, providing hands-free access to important wheelchair information such as battery charge status, distance traveled, and power seat function usage.


Manual Wheelchairs, Standard

Helio A6Helio A6

The aluminum HELIO A6 folding wheelchair is a blend of efficiency and durability. Boasting avant-garde design and advanced technology, it has one of the best price-to-quality ratios on the market. Thanks to high-quality parts, it promises unrivaled sturdiness and performance.

Motion Composites

Power Wheelchairs, Group 3, Multiple Power (tie)

4Front 24Front 2

The next generation of 4Front power chair features new Smart Traction Control and automotive-grade Smooth Ride Suspension to provide stability for smooth obstacle transitions and unmatched performance. The 4Front 2 features 4-pole motors with increased speeds of up to 6.25 mph. Additional standard features include the Q-Logic 3e controller, more robust caster arms, and LED front and rear fender lights.

Quantum Rehab

Seating Systems

iLevel Power Adjustable Seat Height

iLevel improves daily function and quality of life by allowing operation of the power chair with the seat elevated up to 12" while driving at speeds of up to 4.5 mph. iLevel’s patented Extra Stability Technology enhances safety for transfers, reach, and numerous other activities. iLevel is available on the Edge 3 Stretto, Edge 3, Q6 Edge 2.0, Q6 Edge 2.0X, Q6 Edge Z and Q6 Edge HD power chairs.

Quantum Rehab

Ultralightweight Wheelchairs (tie)

APEX Carbon

A balanced blend of technology and design, the APEX Carbon is the ultimate in lightness, durability, flexibility and style. Motion Composites was born from the desire to improve wheelchairs by taking advantage of carbon fiber’s excellent physical attributes. The APEX offers all the advantages of carbon fiber in a slick, fully adjustable chair that becomes a true extension of the user’s drive.

Motion Composites

Seat Cushions (E2624-2625)

ROHO Hybrid SelectROHO Hybrid Select

The Hybrid Select provides superior positioning and stability, plus the ability to offload by removing the IT air insert. Easily find the right position for optimal immersion and skin protection by using the exclusive ISOFLO Memory Control. This technology allows you to set the amount of air in the removable IT insert and the dual-zone overlay. The Hybrid Select also uses the positioning capabilities of a contoured, high-resiliency foam base with deep leg troughs to offer support and lateral stability.


Power Wheelchairs, Group 1

Vision CFVision CF

Combining solid, rugged construction and high-tech electronics, the Vision CF consumer power chair is available in a 16" seat width/16-18" adjustable seat depth, or an 18" or 20" seat width with 18-20" adjustable seat depth. The ergonomic seat reclines up to 135°, while 9" knobby drive tires provide superior traction.

Merits Health Products

Seat Cushions (E2607-2608)

NXT BioFitNXT BioFit

The BioFit’s multi-layer design provides deep immersion, support and skin protection for users at medium to high risk of skin breakdown by redistributing pressure over the full sitting surface. The sleek BioFit features smartx3D four-way stretch fabric for breathability, durability and comfort. A smartGEL foam offers a higher Indent Force Deflection and Density to reduce heat buildup and minimize skin integrity issues.

Motion Composites

Head Positioning

Savant Headrest with Carbon CoverSavant Headrest with Carbon Cover

The Carbon Cover, a new option for the Savant, features durable, low-shear material to reduce friction from head movement. The Carbon Cover is easily wiped with cleaning solution or disinfectant to maintain a clean and low-profile head positioning device. The Savant + Carbon Cover offers the same custom gel head positioning as the original Savant, but with reduced friction and easy infection control.

Symmetric Designs

Power Wheelchairs, Group 4

M5 CorpusM5 Corpus

High-performance motors in the M5 provide a top speed of 7.5 mph and exceptional low-end torque. The FlexLink Pro independent drive wheel suspension gives M5 users unsurpassed stability and ride comfort. And the M5 Corpus takes users to new heights with increased stability and full suspension, even in 14" of seat elevation.


Personal Mobility Devices

Zero Turn 10 ScooterZero Turn 10 Scooter

Powerful dual motors and two-wheel drive with patent-pending iTurn Technology result in a scooter that turns like a 3-wheeler, with the stability of four wheels. Independent rotating tires let the user turn on a dime for an overall turning radius of 43". The scooter has a battery range of up to 24 miles on a single charge, plus a top speed of 7.2 mph and a 400-lb. weight capacity.

Pride Mobility Products


2021 Mobility Product Awards: Accessibility Winners


Lift & Transfer Systems

Pilot NavigatorPilot Navigator

Tracks are built to order using advanced 3D tube-bending technology, a process that reduces the number of joints in the rail for a stronger track and a smooth, comfortable ride. The twin-rail design fits close to the wall, leaving more room on the staircase, and with the Pilot’s “steep start” option, the track can take up as little as 11" at the lower landing.

Merits Health Products

Sensor Technology

VMI ParkSmart Obstruction Alert SystemVMI ParkSmart Obstruction Alert System

This patented ramp obstruction alert system, the first of its kind, sounds an alert when access to a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is blocked. The alert clearly and respectfully asks offenders to move their vehicle or object, so vehicle owners can enter their vehicles without being blocked out. ParkSmart uses an onboard computer and sensors engineered into the ramp-side sliding door that trigger when an obstruction is detected within 8'.

Vantage Mobility International

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles

2021 BraunAbility Toyota Sienna Hybrid2021 BraunAbility Toyota Sienna Hybrid

BraunAbility’s most advanced conversion gives wheelchair users the longoverdue option of a hybrid wheelchair van. Engineers built the conversion using the same suppliers and design integrity as Toyota for best-in-class reliability, ride and handling. With an ultra-wide doorway opening, ramp width, and interior cabin space, the newest BraunAbility Toyota Sienna will be a customer favorite.


Wheelchair Securement


The INQLINE Securement and INQLINE Assist are unique solutions for passenger on-boarding and de-boarding. INQLINE systems are fully integrated, crash-tested, heavy-duty winch systems with dual automatic retractors and an ergonomic thumb controller. Each system gives you full control of your passenger, allowing you to guide a wheelchair up the ramp and into position without the usual shoves, snags, back injuries or high-liability potential associated with normal winch systems.


This article originally appeared in the Jul/Aug 2021 issue of Mobility Management.

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