Coolcore Covers Now Standard on ADI Backs

Ergonomically designed for proper posture, the ADI seating system was created to ease the strain on the lower back during long, active days in a wheelchair by more equally distributing forces through the pelvic base of support.

Two ADI backrests tall and short

ADI backs feature carbon fiber or aluminum for great strength while maintaining light weight. These backs provide maximum stabilization of the trunk during propulsion while minimizing energy loss. The backs’ designs help to deter the progression of postural deformities and facilitate upright sitting in the chair.

Select from a range of widths and heights as well as depths to create the system that works best for each client’s active lifestyle.

And ADI backs now feature Coolcore Technology covers, a chemical-free, four-way stretch material that offers moisture-wicking, moisture-transportation, and moisture-evaporation properties. Coolcore Technology covers are exclusive to Stealth Products.


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