Mobility Management Podcast: What Tomorrow’s Successful Workplaces Will Be Like

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to reassess what’s most important in their lives. Concurrently, younger generations entering the workforce judge their jobs and employers much differently than previous generations did.

In the latest Mobility Management podcast, National Seating & Mobility’s CEO, Bill Mixon, and Chief Human Resources Officer, Ann Mahaffey, discuss how the pandemic as well as shifting perspectives on workplaces have reshaped the hiring process and prompted employers to rethink everything from compensation to work schedules and reward structures.

“The pandemic really altered our way of life in many ways,” Mixon said. “It changed the way that people looked at all aspects of their lives, including their relationship with work.”

Because of that, Mixon added, NSM has sought to adapt. “Our strategies shifted to a more progressive approach,” he explained. “We’re embracing new strategies that better position us to recruit, train, and retain the best employees in the industry.”

Earlier generations might be surprised to hear that younger employees may not consider salaries and other traditional compensation to be the most important factors when choosing where they want to work.

“We began noticing last year that candidates were asking about different things than we heard them ask about pre-COVID,” Mahaffey said. “We heard candidates asking more about flexibility in how they work, where they work.

“They also really wanted to make sure their jobs support their families and their work-life balance. In fact, flexible work schedules right now may be more highly valued than income.”

Listen to the new podcast, “Reimagining the Successful Workplace of Tomorrow,” and then browse Mobility Management’s podcast library.

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