Invacare Launches Birdie Evo XPLUS Lift to U.S. Market

Invacare Corp. has introduced a new patient lift to the American market.

Invacare Birdie Evo XPLUS patient lift, side view.

The Birdie Evo XPLUS is described as “an innovative patient lift solution for the post-acute care setting. With its sleek and modern design, the Birdie Evo XPLUS provides innovative technology that helps maximize comfort and security when lifting or transferring a patient to or from a bed, chair or floor.”

The lift’s Slow’R Integrated Dampener is built into the boom to reduce rocking movement and to provide a more stable, comfortable experience for the end user. The Birdie Evo XPLUS also features an ergonomic sling hook, “with a nose designed to help prevent sling loops from sliding out unintentionally, helping reduce the risk of injury, and a wide base that allows for easy strap positioning.”

Joost Beltman, Invacare’s Senior VP and General Manager for North America, noted that the Birdie Evo XPLUS has enjoyed success in Europe. “As U.S. customers become accustomed to the product, we are confident that they will appreciate these new technological features,” Beltman added.

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