Sunrise Medical Announces European Acquisitions

Sunrise Medical has acquired two companies in Europe.

In a Sept. 8 announcement, the manufacturer said it’s completed its acquisitions of The Helping Hand Company, based in the United Kingdom, and Now Tech, based in Hungary.

Sunrise described The Helping Hand Company as “a reputed British company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of pressure management seating and positioning products, Symmetrikit 24-hour postural care range, independent living, and environmental products.”

Sunrise said adding The Helping Hand Company “extends the product portfolio, especially in the seating and pediatrics area, to offer more comprehensive 24-hour postural care products to satisfy the well-diversified customer demand.”

Now Tech, a tech startup, brings “a strong digital, software, and electronic engineering team, bringing highly desired technical skills and more than 10 years of industry-specific knowledge and expertise. Its latest innovation, the special head control product Gyroset Vigo, has already been well received by the market and will become part of Sunrise Medical's SWITCH-IT power wheelchair special control product offering. The addition of Now Tech will significantly strengthen the group's innovation power.”

Thomas Babacan, President/CEO of Sunrise Medical Group, said in the announcement, “We are very excited to welcome The Helping Hand Company and Now Tech into the Sunrise Medical family. Continuously improving our global operation excellence and striving for great, breakthrough innovations has always been the center of our strategy. Both acquisitions will significantly strengthen our group’s setup and competences, especially in global supply chain and our innovation talents, which will enable us to further improve our products and performances and serve our customers better in many ways.”


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