Ride Designs Launches 3D-Printed Custom Back

Ride Designs has introduced the Ride Custom Back — also known as RCB200 — that will be 3D printed.

Ride Designs Custom Back, now 3D printed, looking at the backrest from the back.

In a Nov. 1 announcement, the manufacturer said, “Utilizing the very latest in 3D printing technology, the RCB200 loads all the essential features of the Ride Custom Back into a modern design clinicians, suppliers, and consumers will love.”

Ride Designs added the new production process will result in a simpler back: “The 3D printing technology has resulted in elimination of the inner shell, resulting in easier in-field modifications,” the announcement said. RCB200 users will also benefit from an improved cover design “which allows it to be easily removed and laundered.”

And Ride Designs called the new process “a colossal win for the environment,” noting that 3D printing the RCB200 “eliminates virtually all the waste related to the legacy manufacturing process. CRT clinicians, suppliers and consumers will appreciate the unparalleled accuracy and quality assurance brought by the application of state-of-the-art 3D printing technology.”

Ride Designs President Joe Bieganek noted that the RCB200 introduction is a long time coming. “Years of research and development by the talented team of innovators at Ride has paid off in such a huge way. We are very excited about the efficiencies offered by this technology and about passing those efficiencies along to our customers and their clients.”


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