Easy Does It: Tips for Expanding Into the Home Accessibility Market at Your Own Pace

Advice on how mobility dealers and rehab providers can enter the home/environmental accessibility market at a pace and an investment level best suited to their business' needs.

NKBA Offers Free Consumer Workbook

Open Sesame Site Offers Door Demo Video

Diestco Accessory Lines Include Threshold Ramps

H Is for Home, Not Hassle

Attorney’s House Becomes a Home Through Technology and Space Modifications

Staying Active on the Road

Mobility Solutions for a “Tough” Customer



Ride-Away Teams with “NASCAR Angels” to Give Van to Devoted Fan

In a certain classic James Stewart film, every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. But the rules may be different in the automotive mobility business — perhaps angels earn wings by turning wrenches or rebuilding motors?

Help for Older Drivers

Getting older can lead to physical challenges that include decreased range of motion, difficulty entering and exiting vehicles, and decreased manual dexterity. But such challenges don’t automatically mean seniors have to give up driving.

Roll-A-Ramp Is on the Move

Time to update your database: The folks at Roll-A-Ramp have a new address.

NMEDA Offers Consumer Buying Guide

If you’re a mobility dealer, you already know the drill: An excited customer arrives at your door, announces that he/she has just purchased a new van, minivan or SUV from the car dealer down the street, and now wants you to install a wheelchair or scooter lift or ramp. How often have you then had to break the news that a particular make or model cannot be adapted to the customer’s needs?

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