Karen Cavallo

10 Years: Perspectives from the Industry

Publisher’s Note

Barry Steelman

10 Years: Perspectives from the Industry

Barry Steelman: Making a Mark

Rita Hostak

10 Years: Perspectives from the Industry

Rita Hostak: Will Funding & Complex Rehab Technology Ever Work Together?

Ten Years of Memories

10 Years: AT Memories

Manufacturers Remember the Decade’s Technology Advances

Manufacturers trace the evolution of assistive technology — their own and their industries’ — over the last decade and beyond.

Don Clayback

10 Years: Perspectives from the Industry

Don Clayback: Today, We Are Better Organized

Mark E. Smith

10 Years: Perspectives from the Industry

Mark E. Smith: Are Funding Cuts “Landlocking” the ADA?

Laurie Watanabe

10 Years: Perspectives from the Industry

Editor’s Note

Mark Leita

10 Years: Perspectives from the Industry

Mark Leita: Altering Market Dynamics

Amy Morgan

10 Years: Perspectives from the Industry

Amy Morgan: Parents’ Eyes are Being Opened to the Possibilities

Home & Auto Accessibility

Made to Order

Serving up Home & Auto Accessibility Requires the Right Blend of Features that Maximize Independence

What’s important to today’s consumers of adaptive automotive equipment, home accessibility products and WC19/WC20 systems.

wheelchair shoulder stressors

On Their Shoulders

Propulsion Is Often Blamed for Shoulder Pain, But Is that a Fair Assessment?

Next Generation Electronics

Electronics: The Next Generation

Power Chair Systems Are Ever Evolving, But Which Functions & Features Are Most Important to the Future?

Electronics do so much more than drive power wheelchairs. Here's what our experts think the next generation of electronics will be able to do -- and how today's electronics make independent mobility possible for more clients than ever.

Seating & Mobility Senior Style

Don't Seniors Deserve Choices, Too?

Seating & Mobility Senior Style

Optimizing Participation Slows Physical Decline in Seniors with Mobility Disabilities

Seating & Mobility Senior Style

Incorporating Change: Q&A with Jay Brislin, MSPT

Duchenne Challenges

Duchenne Challenges

Swiftly Progressive, This Form of MD Tests an ATP's Foresight & Planning

Building the Best Ultralight

Building the Best Ultralight

Industry Experts Share Their Blueprints for Success

Details, details: When it comes to fine-tuning performance for K0005 wheelchair users, components can count as much as the frame. Here's how tires, wheels, suspension components and pushrims can make or break a great ride.



How ADLs Are Impacted -- & How the Seating & Mobility Team Can Help

Its symptoms can appear at birth, or suddenly at any age. Severe cases can make activities of daily living difficult for patients — and can make appropriate seating & mobility a real challenge for providers and clinicians.

Online Exclusive!

When Funding Impacts Function

Cushion Customization Project Update

Seat Cushion Form & Function

Seat Cushion Special

Form & Function

How Design Elements Impact Cushion Performance

Our special section examines how cushion designs and features impact performance.

Documentation Dilemmas Podcast