Seating and Positioning Series

Time To Tilt!

From the mechanics of tilt to the evolution of tilt designs and the clinical support it offers, experts discuss which seating & mobility clients can benefit from this positioning option.

Catching Up with the Auto Access Industry

How has the adaptive automotive segment fared in the last year? And what’s up next? PLUS: Q&A with NMEDA CEO David Hubbard, and an Auto Access Marketplace.

2010 Hot New Products!

Our annual technology pictorial features the latest seating, mobility, positioning and accessibility products for the new year.

Who Took MM’s Survey?

The results of a rehab survey that examines how and why you buy.

Positioning 24/7

How Assistive Technology & DME Can Also Help Clients at Night

Proper positioning at night can enable safer, more comfortable and restorative sleep. Here's how assistive technology can help.

Tone: Striking a Balance to Maximize Function

Managing tone can be a real balancing act. Too much tone can break equipment, cause poor positioning, and reduce client functionality. Too little tone can reduce seated stability and client function. Rehab professionals might therefore feel as if they spend most of their time trying to increase, reduce or fight tone.

Clinically Speaking: Pediatric Seating & the S-Word: Part 2

Last issue, Ginny Paleg dared to say the “s” word: Strollers. This month, she concludes with a list of strollers, along with her personal stroller-related wish list.

Independent Power Mobility at 6 Months: Part 2

How independent mobility impacts infant development.

Funding Case Study

Ops Management: Sowing the Seeds of Leads

WC19 as a Team Approach

Q & A: Aiming for a Cumulative Effect

Bariatric Bed Basics

The Risks of SCI

Documentation Dilemmas Podcast