Seating Technology

ATP Series

Out-of-the-Box Seating, Ouside-the-Box Results

How a New Generation of Seating Technology Can Achieve a Custom Fit Without a Custom Build

Complex rehab consumers need seating systems that have been custom fit to their unique specifications. But is a built-from-scratch system always required? How manufacturers are using a greater range of materials, evolving design capabilities and improved product versatility to offer individualized results.

Cognitive Dysfunction

ATP Series

The Cognitive Conundrum

ALS, MS, SCI & Other Mobility-Related Conditions Often Result in Cognitive Dysfunction

ALS, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and brain injury can cause cognitive impairments that impact seating & wheeled mobility choices for clinicians, ATPs and consumers.

Seat Elevation

Funding Series

Justify It: Seat Elevation

Despite a Myriad of Benefits, This Positioning Option Remains a Tough Sell to Funding Sources.

Seat elevation can make the world a more accessible place for wheelchair users, and can facilitate the safe performance of a number of mobility-related activities of daily living. Why then are funding sources lagging in recognizing the many benefits of this positioning opportunity?

Access to Complex Rehabilitation Technology

Reimbursement Series

Access to Complex Rehabilitation Technology

Can We Still Improve People's Lives?

Rita Stanley examines how two decades of Medicare policy changes -- many of them subtle -- have altered the access landscape for today’s beneficiaries.

Vision & Mobility

ATP Series

Vision & Mobility

The Impact That Eyesight Can Have on Successful Mobility

What does a client’s eyesight have to do with seating & mobility success? As it turns out — a lot! Many mobility-related injuries and conditions can also impact vision. Here's how vision can be affected, and how the seating & mobility team can answer those challenges.

NMEDA Education & Outreach Efforts

Technology Series

NMEDA Revs Up Education & Outreach Efforts

Moisture Control

Pediatric Series

Moisture Control

Why Everyday Moisture Can Be So Detrimental to Your Littlest Clients

How and why excessive and trapped moisture can be a danger to your seating and mobility clients.

CRT on the go

Technology Series

CRT On the Go!

These Multi-Tasking Seating & Mobility Products Make It Easier to Explore

Transportability is a major priority for these complex rehab and accessibility products that are ready to hit the road or take to the skies.

Tilt & Recline

ATP Series

Justify It! Tilt & Recline

Having Both Functions on the Same Wheelchair Can Yield Clinical Benefits -- But Opposition from Payors

Clients can benefit when these positioning systems are used together on the same chair. But payors are not always eager to fund them. Here's how to change their minds.

Center of Gravity

Getting Lost in Gravity

The Science Behind Center of Gravity & Tips on Getting the Right Adjustment

Width + Depth + Height

Width + Depth + Height

Finding a Formula That Works for Clients, Payors and the Seating Team

Dynamic Seating for Children

Pediatric Series

As My Spirit Moves Me!

Dynamic Seating Meets Children Where They Are...Then Goes with Them

Power & Manual Chairs Sizes

ATP Series

Staying Svelte

Size matters when power & manual chairs need to fit into the real world

Comfortable Seating System

ATP Series

"We Don't Pay for Comfort"

Clients Want a "Comfortable" Seating System; Payors Fund What Is Medically Necessary. Can Both Sides Win?

Consumers want and need comfortable seating systems that will increase their sitting tolerance and address postural and pressure relief issues. Payors, however, insist on medical justification. How can “comfort” be quantified to everyone’s satisfaction?

The Ergonomics of Ultralights

Technology in the Spotlight

The Ergonomics of Ultralights

How to Make the Most of Every Ride -- for Life

A new generation of aftermarket seating, positioning and performance components raises new possibilities for ultralightweight efficiency, comfort and individuality for consumers who are more discriminating than ever before.

Seating As We Age

ATP Series

Seating As We Age

Why the Aging Process Can Make Evaluations & Technology Choices More Complex

Growing older gracefully is always a challenge -- but the stakes can be much higher for wheelchair users who are aging with a disability and experiencing changes in posture and function.

ATPs & Clinicians Best Picks

Best Picks 2014

Innovative Solutions as Selected by ATPs & Clinicians

ATPs and clinicians share their go-to technology for all sorts of seating, positioning and mobility challenges.

Assessing Arthrogryposis

Pediatrics Series

Assessing Arthrogryposis

Rare & Taking Many Forms, This Congenital Condition Can Challenge Seating & Mobility Teams

The impact of arthrogryposis on clients' mobility can range from relatively slight to profound -- and early intervention with the right technology can make all the difference.

Standing Frames & Wheelchairs

ATP Series

Justify It: Standing Frames & Wheelchairs

Research supports the many possible benefits of standing for wheelchair users. The next challenge: To get funding sources to buy in.

power demands on power wheelchairs

ATP Series

Leading a "Charged" Life

Today's Power Chairs Are Expected to Do It All — But How Will They Keep Up with Consumers' Powerful Demands?

The demands on power wheelchairs are greater than ever: They're expected to provide not only mobility, but also power to positioning systems, communications systems, respiratory equipment and consumer electronics. How are these demands impacting power chair designs... and what will come next?

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