Taking Action Despite Uncertainty

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Suppliers of mobility products need to consider how to best position themselves for what remains an uncertain climate for your businesses.

Home & Environmental Accessibility

What's Hot!

New for 2007!

What's Hot

Maximizing Modularity

What's Hot!

Funding Update

Revised LCD, New Fee Schedules Create Tenuous Time in Mobility & Rehab

You've Changed: How Scooters/POVs Have Evolved

It's A Roundup!

Scooters have always boasted good looks, but design and technology improvements, along with a Medicare prescription policy change, have raised POVs to new heights.

Navigating the Pressure Gradient

Mapping Technology Helps Clinicians Assess and Teach


A Place to Dream: Accessible Playground Unites Children of All Abilities

Rehab Trends

Environmental Access: A Natural Extension of Rehab?

Building a Better Sidewalk?

Environmental Access Extras

The Power of Pressure Relief

Case Study

A Critical Time for PMD Providers

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Lessen MS Stress with Online Community: Web Site Offers Personal Insight, Tips for Relaxation, Place to Share

Accreditation Looms: Industry Waits on CMS

What You Need to Know & What You Need to Do Next

When a Minivan Is the Answer


Referrals and Prescriptions podcast