CRT Trends: Big Data

Quality Assurance & the FMA: What Clients Say About CRT

Does Complex Rehab Technology Improve Function?

Does ATP involvement result in better outcomes for consumers using mobility equipment?

2018 Best Picks

ATP Series

2018 Best Picks

ATPs & Clinicians Name Their Seating & Wheeled Mobility Favorites

Our annual list of seating and wheeled mobility favorites, as named by ATPs and clinicians.

abstract lines

ATP Series

A Question of Weight

In ultralightweight chairs, when does weight matter most?

In what situations is the weight of an ultralightweight wheelchair most important?


Pediatric Series

More Than a Stroller

Packed with Positioning, These Chairs Combine Function with Aesthetics

Positioning defines today's caregiver-propelled chairs for kids.


CRT Trends: Big Data

Quality Assurance & the Functional Mobility Assessment

The industry knows Complex Rehab Technology improves lives. Proving it does has been decades in the making

How the Functional Mobility Assessment could impact complex rehab technology.

multiple sclerosis

ATP Series

Tech Perspectives: Multiple Sclerosis

Inconsistency & Unpredictability Makes MS Intervention a Challenge

Multiple sclerosis impacts clients physically and cognitively. Its lack of predictability can make successful interventions difficult to choose.

Website accessibility

Technology Series

Is Your Web Site Accessible?


ATP Series

Cushions & Movement

How Seat Cushions Are Impacted When Clients Are in Motion

How wheelchair cushions are affected by the many ways that clients move.

functional comfort

ATP Series

Functional Comfort

What a "Softail" Suspension System Can Do for Your Clients

Understanding the critical role that suspensions can play in optimal wheelchair function... which can lead to greater wheelchair use and enhanced independent mobility.


Funding Series

Coding & Efficacy

The current funding system skews against CRT. Is there a better way?

HCPCS codes, definitions, product groupings: How the current coding structure hurts consumers who use complex rehab technology.

optimal seating evaluation

Clinically Speaking Series

Creating Assessment Success

In Complex Rehab Technology, Getting the Intangibles Right Can Make a Big Difference

An optimal seating and wheeled mobility system starts with an optimal evaluation.


ATP Series

Standing on Principle

Comparing & Contrasting the Functions of Standing Wheelchairs to Standing Frames

Standing wheelchairs and standing frames both offer the benefits of being upright. But there are differences in their mechanics and functions.


ATP Series

Spasticity & Seating

Managing This Common Condition Can Greatly Impact Function, Quality of Life

Spasticity is a common presentation in seating and wheeled mobility evaluations. Managing it can be key to a client's quality of life.

Ultralightweight Material Advances

ATP Series

Material Advances

How Does Carbon Fiber Measure Up Among Ultralightweight Choices?

How carbon fiber, titanium and high-grade aluminum have transformed the ultralightweight wheelchair space.


Pediatric Series

Tech Perspectives for SMA

How Seating & Mobility Can Support the Varying Needs of Kids with Spinal Muscular Atroph

ultralightweight manual wheechair users

ATP Series

An Ultralight FOR All Seasons

What Middle Age Means to the Industry’s First Longtime Ultralightweight Chair Users

It's a new industry challenge: working with ultralightweight manual wheelchair users as they enter middle age and want to stay in their tried-and-true mobility systems.

driving controls

ATP Series

A Hierarchy of Driving Controls

Where to Start & How to Proceed When Assessing Power Chair Options

What's the best process when assessing a client for power wheelchair driving controls -- proportional or switch?

Pediatric mobility

Pediatric Series

All About Kids

The Best CRT You Don't Know About

A pictorial of the best pediatric CRT you might not know about!


ATP Series

Asymmetry in Balance

Do you intervene? Accommodate? Or do both?

Asymmetrical postures are common challenges in seating and wheeled mobility. Is intervention or accommodation the better plan?


ATP Series

Immersion, Envelopment and Off-Loading

Understanding the differences and goals of these seating strategies.

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