Power Chair Roundup

Renting a Ride

Traveling the Information Superhighway

What Do I Do First?

Choosing the Right Adapted Automotive Vehicle

Rehab Considerations for Bath Safety

The Clinical Benefits of a Safe Bathroom

Bathrooms are inherently dangerous. Confined, wet and hard surfaces make for a slippery environment that can be treacherous regardless of ability level.

Easy Does It: Tips for Expanding Into the Home Accessibility Market at Your Own Pace

Advice on how mobility dealers and rehab providers can enter the home/environmental accessibility market at a pace and an investment level best suited to their business' needs.

Double Standard

The Link Between Mobility and Quality Health Care

Navigating through the Healthcare System with a disability can be a different type of experience.

Positioning Update

Catching up on funding & educational progress, from tilt & recline to standing & elevation

Tracking the Storm: CMS, Commodities Prices, Competitive Bidding & the Impact on Power Chairs

While competitive bidding is understandably getting most of the immediate attention in the mobility and rehab markets these days, the power chair niche has additional storm fronts to watch. Industry insiders questioned about power chair hot spots mentioned everything from endangered client access and documentation concerns to a an evolving global commodities market.

Web Excellence

DME Suppliers Tell Their Stories in the Digital Marketplace

Online Excellence: Exploring Best Practices Online

While technology changes everything, it hasn’t changed the concept of a “best practice”; in fact, it’s probably made best practices even better. In a time in our industry when manufacturers, providers and industry organizations are looking for new strategies to remain profitable and improve business efficiency, developing best practices through online media seems like an obvious solution. But online best practices are changing the way people communicate, the number of people who can be reached and the speed in which information can be sent and received.

A Blueprint for HME Success

Feeling the Pressure

Medicare Allowables Put the Squeeze on Seating Components - Is Relief in Sight?

Seating Benefits Podcast with Ride Designs