Creating Space to Move

Mobility Makeover Magic

Where Beauty and Function Meet

Mobility Makeover Magic

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house!

Mobility Makeover Magic

"It Doesn't Look Like the Place Where You Visit Your Grandfather"

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Time to Chat: Internet Creates a Space for Real-Time Conversations

Bedrooms with Benefits

Mobility Makeover Magic

Maintaining Mobility Through Time

Mobility Makeover Magic

A Front-Door Strategy

Mobility Makeover Magic

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Abilities Expo: Empowering Message & Increased Attendance

A Battery Checklist for Consumers

Power Chairs

What the World Needs Now...

From Funding Challenges to New Technology, Power Chair Manufacturers Tell What They'd Like to See... & What Gets Them Excited

Figuring Out FMVSS 403 & 404

Nearly a Year Later, the Learning Curve Continues


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What's New With You?

A Look Down the Road with Auto Access Manufacturers

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Car Keys

A Road Less Traveled

Why Funding Is Key to Improving Delivery & Repair Timelines