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Smart Electronics & Assistive Technology

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The increase of smart technologies is on the horizon and will someday be a normal part of our lives.

Taking Action Despite Uncertainty

Legal Grind

Suppliers of mobility products need to consider how to best position themselves for what remains an uncertain climate for your businesses.

Home & Environmental Accessibility

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New for 2007!

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Maximizing Modularity

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Funding Update

Revised LCD, New Fee Schedules Create Tenuous Time in Mobility & Rehab

You've Changed: How Scooters/POVs Have Evolved

It's A Roundup!

Scooters have always boasted good looks, but design and technology improvements, along with a Medicare prescription policy change, have raised POVs to new heights.

Navigating the Pressure Gradient

Mapping Technology Helps Clinicians Assess and Teach


A Place to Dream: Accessible Playground Unites Children of All Abilities

Rehab Trends

Environmental Access: A Natural Extension of Rehab?

Building a Better Sidewalk?

Environmental Access Extras

The Power of Pressure Relief

Case Study

A Critical Time for PMD Providers

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Lessen MS Stress with Online Community: Web Site Offers Personal Insight, Tips for Relaxation, Place to Share

Accreditation Looms: Industry Waits on CMS

What You Need to Know & What You Need to Do Next

Mobility Management Podcast