Legislation & Public Policy

Advocates Prepare to Celebrate ADA’s 25th Anniversary

Healthcare professionals can show their support via educational videos and marketing materials.

Report: U.S. Needs to Focus on Fall Prevention for Seniors

National Council of Aging event brings experts together to address the rising numbers of falls among older Americans.

Illinois Budget Cuts Endanger Medicaid Access to CRT

A 16.75-percent payment cut is already reducing seating & wheeled mobility provision to beneficiaries in need.

RESNA, NCART & NRRTS Will Combine 2016 Events

Education and advocacy meeting will take place in July in Arlington, Va.

S. 1013: Bill for Medicare CRT Benefit Is Reintroduced to U.S. Senate

Bill is a companion to the House version that would provide a separate Medicare benefit category for CRT.

Deadline Approaching for ICD-10 Testing

Medicare DME MAC testing using new code sets is set for July, but the deadline to participate is this week.

CMS Seeks ICD-10 Test Volunteers

Participating providers will be able to submit up to 50 claims each, as the healthcare industry prepares for an October transition to new codes.

NHIC Announces Results for K0823 Documentation Compliance Review

This type of non-clinical review checks Medicare claims for certain types of required documentation.

Medicare Separate Benefit Bill Reintroduced in U.S. House

New bill includes language to ensure complex rehab technology equipment can be purchased outright rather than relegated to capped-rental status.

NGS Issues Reminder of Item 23 for PMD Claims

Bulletin regards Unique Tracking Numbers for Prior Authorization Requests for power mobility devices.

NGS Reports Q3 Results for Support Surfaces Review

Widespread prepayment review involves Group 2 pressure-reducing support surfaces.

People for Quality Care Project Tackles Tough Questions

New tool for consumers and healthcare professionals helps to find answers for questions related to CRT, DME and home care.

NGS to Launch Prepayment Probe for Minnesota & Wisconsin Power Chairs

Group 1 power wheelchair code will be the subject of the review.

CMS Clarifies E2378 Payment Status

Code was impacted by this year's capped-rental payment category changes.

Medicare PMD Demonstration Expansion Is Underway

Twelve more states have joined the prior authorization program that ends in August.

NGS to Launch Manual Wheelchair Prepayment Probe

Adult tilt-in-space code is among those to be affected, says Jurisdiction B DME MAC.

CMS Asks for ICD-10 Test Volunteers

January testing project will help to prepare for October 2015 roll-out of new code set.

AAHomecare to CMS: Withdraw Flawed Proposed Rule on NCB Expansion

Objections include vague and untested "bundling" proposal for DME bids, payments and services.

New Medicare Policy Aims to Alleviate Repair Problems

DME MACs are told to assume medical necessity requirements were met if beneficiary owns the equipment.

How Small Providers Can Rise Above Their Competitors