Legislation & Public Policy

Washington Post Story on PMD Fraud Confounds Industry

Article describes long-ago Medicare fraud schemes without updated information.

Industry Mobilizes for National CRT Awareness Week

Congressional recess provides an opportunity to talk to members of Congress while they're home.

New U.S. Map Tallies Medicare Beneficiary Complaints

People for Quality Care has logged more than 3,200 access problems caused by competitive bidding, audits and other Medicare policies.

CMS Announces Partial Code Freeze Ahead of ICD-10 Transition

Plans for October 2015 implementation are already underway.

CMS Prepares to Expand NCB Pricing to New Regions

Medicare program info would determine DME pricing for areas not currently under competitive bidding.

AAHomecare's Ryan: New Audit Bill Is "Very Passable"

H.R. 5083 seeks to bring relief and transparency to a process that's crippling providers.

NCART Recaps 2014 So Far, Looks to the Future

Update includes new co-sponsors for separate benefit category bills in U.S. House and Senate.

F2F Exams: CMS Clarifies Policy & Issues "Dear Physician" Letter

Medicare details who can conduct the examinations and the responsibilities of the prescribing physicians.

NGS: Q1 PWC Claims Error Rate Remains High

Nearly 400 power wheelchair claims were examined in latest prepayment review.

CRT Conference Celebrates Record Attendance

Capitol Hill visits yield more support for Medicare separate benefit category for complex rehab technology.

AAHomecare to Create Tracking System for Audits

Announcement at Washington Legislative Conference focuses on proving the harm that audits are doing.

DME MACs Issue Bulletin on Lithium Battery Coding

Contractors cite confusion between rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.

CGS to Conduct More Pre-Payment Reviews

Standard manual wheelchair codes are included in the Jurisdiction C list.

No Delay: Capped-Rental Transition Goes Ahead

Fifty wheelchair-related HCPCS codes move from Medicare's routinely purchased payment category to capped rental.

CMS Plans to Expand PMD Prior Authorization Demo

Federal Register information says agency wants to add 12 states to the demonstration roster.

Editor's Note

Appealing for Fairness

National MS Society: CRT Benefit Category Will Be a Priority

Attendees of annual Public Policy Conference urge Congress to support CRT bills in Senate and House.

CRT Stakeholders Race the Clock on April 1 Capped-Rental Transition

Members of Congress ask CMS for postponement as industry advocates gather recent claims data.

Editor's Note

Chasing Audits: A True Story

DME MACs Distribute Dear Physician Letter

New DME face-to-face examination requirement is explained to prescribing entities.

How Small Providers Can Rise Above Their Competitors