NGS No Longer to Provide Redetermination Letter Acknowledgements

Suppliers can check status via Connex or IVR system.

NHIC Corp. Describes Recent PMD CERT Errors

Examples explain missing documentation, justification in December claims.

NGS Offers Documentation & Coverage Criteria Checklists

Checklists were created to help suppliers comply with Medicare policy.

Competitive Bidding

Under Fire

Is Competitive Bidding Hurting Your Access to Home Medical Equipment Benefits?

CMS Unveils Cover Sheet, Flow Chart for PMD Demo

Providers continue to worry about their ability to meet Medicare delivery timelines

DME MACs Clarify "Amount Paid" on Assigned Medicare Claims

Clarification applies to Item 29 on the CMS-1500 claim form.

Funding Essentials

A Real Opportunity for Complex Rehab to Move Ahead?

NHIC to Stop Sending Hard-Copy Acknowledgement Letters

New policy takes over on April 1, 2012.

Clayback: Many PMD Errors Due to Confusion, Not Fraud

NCART executive director suggests high error rate is partly caused by factors such as complexity of documentation requirements.

PMD Demo Project Conference Call Reveals Details, Provider Concerns

Callers ask about pre-authorization turnaround times and protection from future audits.

NGS Issues Bulletin About Beneficiary-Owned Equipment

Medicare will pay for accessories and supplies if correct claims procedures are followed.

Industry Mobilizes to Educate Congress on DME

Competitive bidding, audits and the power mobility demonstration project are key talking points this week.

CMS Announces Changes to PMD Demo Project

Postponed project for seven states now to start June 1 or later.

Pennsylvania Teleconference to Educate Consumers on NCB Dangers

Town hall event to be co-hosted by PAMS and People for Quality Care.

Suppliers Urged to Prepare for ICD-10 Transition

New codes will apply to all HIPAA-covered entities.

NGS Creates Tips for Same/Similar Equipment Claims

Jurisdiction B DME MAC says "same/similar" explanation is among the most common reasons for denial.

Another Opinion

Finding Good in the Bad

DME MACs Issue "Dear Physician" Letter on Continued Use

Letter from the medical directors reminds prescribing doctors of documentation duties.

PECOS Warnings Are Back on DME Claims

CMS warns that future claims from prescribers not in PECOS will not be paid.

NHIC Announces Results of Q3 K0823 Prepayment Review

DME MAC reports it denied 55 percent of power chair claims involved.

Mobility Management Podcast