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Same Old Same Old

CMS Asks for ICD-10 Test Volunteers

January testing project will help to prepare for October 2015 roll-out of new code set.

AAHomecare to CMS: Withdraw Flawed Proposed Rule on NCB Expansion

Objections include vague and untested "bundling" proposal for DME bids, payments and services.

New Medicare Policy Aims to Alleviate Repair Problems

DME MACs are told to assume medical necessity requirements were met if beneficiary owns the equipment.

Washington Post Story on PMD Fraud Confounds Industry

Article describes long-ago Medicare fraud schemes without updated information.

NHIC Announces New Online Reopening/Redetermination Functions

Provider Services Portal offers more efficient way to work with the DME MAC.

Editor's Note

Medicare: Come Clean About The Scooter Store

NMEDA Calls for Overdue VA Invoices

Adaptive automotive association says Veterans Affairs is supporting the effort to get invoices paid.

CMS Prepares to Expand NCB Pricing to New Regions

Medicare program info would determine DME pricing for areas not currently under competitive bidding.

AAHomecare's Ryan: New Audit Bill Is "Very Passable"

H.R. 5083 seeks to bring relief and transparency to a process that's crippling providers.

F2F Exams: CMS Clarifies Policy & Issues "Dear Physician" Letter

Medicare details who can conduct the examinations and the responsibilities of the prescribing physicians.

RESNA Updates Standing Chairs Paper

RESNA releases an updated standing wheelchairs position paper.

Standing Frames & Wheelchairs

ATP Series

Justify It: Standing Frames & Wheelchairs

Research supports the many possible benefits of standing for wheelchair users. The next challenge: To get funding sources to buy in.

NGS: Q1 PWC Claims Error Rate Remains High

Nearly 400 power wheelchair claims were examined in latest prepayment review.

AAHomecare to Create Tracking System for Audits

Announcement at Washington Legislative Conference focuses on proving the harm that audits are doing.

DME MACs Issue Bulletin on Lithium Battery Coding

Contractors cite confusion between rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.

NHIC Launches Live Line Sessions for Fridays

New program allows providers to chat live with NHIC staffers about Medicare funding issues.

CGS to Conduct More Pre-Payment Reviews

Standard manual wheelchair codes are included in the Jurisdiction C list.

No Delay: Capped-Rental Transition Goes Ahead

Fifty wheelchair-related HCPCS codes move from Medicare's routinely purchased payment category to capped rental.

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