NHIC Reports Q3 K0823 Review Results

Jurisdiction A DME MAC announces a charge denial rate sharply lower versus previous quarters.

Stakeholders Seek to Elevate CMS Capped-Rental Discussion

Controversial final rule has industry taking its arguments to Congress.

"Dear Physician" PECOS Letter Now Available

Implementation affecting DMEPOS prescriptions will start in January.

CMS Finalizes Capped-Rental DME Reclassifications

Despite the many comments submitted by different factions, the final CMS rule looks much like the proposed rule that came before it.

CMS: Make Sure PMD Order Comes from Eligible Prescriber

Starting April 1, a new Change Request will cause claims denials if prescribing entity isn't eligible.

DME MACs Issue Reminder About Billing for Walkers

Contractors note provider errors involving unbundling of brake attachments.

NGS Announces Q3 Denial Rate for Prepayment Power Chair Review

Denial rate is reported to be higher than the previous quarter's.

Editor's Note

Bigger Picture, CMS, Bigger Picture

Separate Benefit Category Bills


2014 CRT Funding

While the Current Landscape Resembles Rocks & Hard Places, Separate Benefit Category Bills Bring Hope

As the year draws to a close, the CRT community anticipates a new face-to-face requirement for DME, waits for word on capped rentals, and pins its ultimate hopes on a separate benefit category for Medicare.

NHIC Describes CERT Errors on Wheelchair Claims

Sample claims are said to be representative of the most commonly seen mistakes.

NHIC Announces Upcoming IVR Limitations

Expect some Jurisdiction A information to be inaccessible this week.

NGS Launches Mobile App

App will give providers more direct access to DME MAC's policies and information while on the road.

CGS to Start Medical Review for Catheters

Suppliers will be asked for additional documentation to support affected claims.

CMS Capped Rental

Editor's Note

News Flash: CRT Is Still Not DME

Industry Responds to CRT Capped-Rental Proposed Rule

Medicare's justification: On average, beneficiaries use equipment for just eight months.

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