LMNBuilder Launches Clinician Webinar Series

Educational series takes OTs and PTs through documentation process.

NGS Announces Q3 Prepayment Results for Power Chairs

Proving medical necessity remains a challenge for providers.

Medicare Announces Policy Article Revisions for E1020, E1028 Codes

Revisions became effective Nov. 1.

Reports: Competitive Bidding Would Harm State Economies

New studies predict jobs, income that would be lost in Utah and Montana.

Wilson to Providers: Become HME Zealots

AAHomecare head says providers must re-double their efforts to back H.R. 6490 in run-up to the election.

Rep. Price: "Competitive Bidding Is Hardly Competitive"

H.R. 6490 sponsor explains at Medtrade why home care remains in legislative crosshairs.

Overpayment/Underpayment Interest-Rate Change Announced

New rate went into effect on Oct. 18.

Funding Essentials

Capitalizing on the Opportunity of the PMD Prior Authorization Demo

NHIC Announces K0823 Prepayment Review Results

The latest report examined 514 claims from 188 different suppliers.

ATP Involvement Needed for K0005s Starting in March

New Medicare Learning Network article defines ultralightweight chairs as complex rehab technology.

CMS Postpones K0009 Policy Change Implementation

Change will impact products currently under the K0009 HCPCS Code.

PMD Demonstration Project Begins in 7 States

Prior authorization is required for PMD in participating states for the next three years.

DME MACs to Providers: Supply PWC of "Sufficient Quality" to Last 5 Years

Bulletin issued because of provider questions on replacement policies.

Open Door Forum: Will PMD Electronic Template Work?

Providers express concern over template's practicality for physicians.

5010 Enforcement Discretion Period Nears End

Electronic standards "grace period" started in January, but ends in June.

Separate Benefit Category Bill Gains Support

First 10 co-sponsors for H.R. 4378 sign on to complex rehab bill.

Prepayment Probe for Group 2 Support Surfaces Continues in Jurisdiction B

Last year's E0277 probe resulted in a 93-percent claims error rate, NGS says.

PECOS Allows Electronic Signatures for Enrollment Applications

New function does not alter who is required to sign.

Mobility Management Podcast