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Separate Benefit Category Bills


2014 CRT Funding

While the Current Landscape Resembles Rocks & Hard Places, Separate Benefit Category Bills Bring Hope

As the year draws to a close, the CRT community anticipates a new face-to-face requirement for DME, waits for word on capped rentals, and pins its ultimate hopes on a separate benefit category for Medicare.

NGS Announces Q3 Denial Rate for Prepayment Power Chair Review

Denial rate is reported to be higher than the previous quarter's.

NHIC Describes CERT Errors on Wheelchair Claims

Sample claims are said to be representative of the most commonly seen mistakes.

NHIC Announces Upcoming IVR Limitations

Expect some Jurisdiction A information to be inaccessible this week.

NGS Launches Mobile App

App will give providers more direct access to DME MAC's policies and information while on the road.

CGS to Start Medical Review for Catheters

Suppliers will be asked for additional documentation to support affected claims.

CMS Capped Rental

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News Flash: CRT Is Still Not DME

Industry Responds to CRT Capped-Rental Proposed Rule

Medicare's justification: On average, beneficiaries use equipment for just eight months.

DME MAC A Announces K0823 Review Results

Incomplete documentation for medical necessity is cited as common denial cause.

CMS Postpones DME Face-to-Face Implementation

New requirement will impact many types of DME, including manual wheelchairs.

NCART Releases Funding Guide for Standing Devices

Guide offers advice on client evaluations, medical justification and appeals.

Ultralight Update: The Demise of K0009

Wheelchairs & Funding

Ultralight Update: The Demise of K0009

With the Manual Chair Miscellaneous Code Eliminated This Month, Industry Experts Worry About Access

From the elimination of the K0009 HCPCS code to ongoing funding challenges, the ultralightweight wheelchair niche is in evolution. What does that mean for consumers and the next generation of manual wheelchair technology?

When Will Ultralightweight Chairs Be Recoded?

Wheelchairs & Funding

Funding Watch: When Will Ultralightweight Chairs Be Recoded?

ATP Series

A Funding Headache

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CMS Is Just Not That Into Us (or Our Clients, Either)

VGM Signs Partnership Agreement with van Halem Group

VGM members will have discounted access to audit-related services.

Schumer & Cochran Introduce CRT Senate Bill

S. 948 is the companion to H.R. 942, both of which would establish a separate Medicare benefit category for complex rehab technology.

Washington Becomes First State to Pass CRT Recognition Bill

New law goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2014.

New MPP Bill Launched in House

Rep. Price unveils H.R. 1717, which would replace Medicare competitive bidding program.

Rolling Dynamics, Rolling Resistance &  Optimizing Wheeled Prosthetics