Researchers: Measuring Neurofilaments Could Speed ALS Diagnosis

Belgian and German study suggests a reliable and faster way to determine if a patient has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Study: Smoking Worsens SCI Pain

New Purdue University study could lead to new ways to treat neuropathic pain in spinal cord injuries.

Study: Most Adult Caregiving Doesn’t Involve Dementia

Caregivers are doing more, even for seniors without major disabilities.

Research: Dogs Can Raise Activity Levels for Kids with Disabilities

Oregon State study finds a wide range of physical and social benefits.


The Impact of Positioning in the Classroom Setting

Supporting mobility and participation with peers is crucial for all children.


CP Client Finds Perfect Fit in OBSS Ortho-Shape Back

New Ottobock system provides fine-tuning in a custom-contoured back.

Maternal Obesity Tied to Cerebral Palsy in Newborns

New study examined more than a million births in Sweden.

Evidence-Based Practices & Outcomes

ATP Series

Evidence & Outcomes

Will Evidence-Based Practices & Outcomes Measures Drive Complex Rehab Success?

What role will evidence-based practices and outcomes measures play in the future success of complex rehab technology? ATPs speak out.

Study: Probiotics Can Help Functional Recovery in SCI

"Gut microbiome" is impacted in traumatic spinal cord injury, researchers say.

Antibiotic Might Help to Reduce MS Relapse Rates

Small clinical trial suggests adding antibiotic to interferon treatment could help multiple sclerosis patients.

Study: Nusinersen Improved Function in SMA Type 2 Patients

Distributor hopes to launch the treatment for SMA patients in the United States in coming months.

Study: Ultrasound a Viable Risk Assessment Tool for Deep Tissue Injuries

More portable and less expensive than MRIs, ultrasound technology could be more convenient for clinicians to use.

Study: Cell Therapy Could Treat SCI Side Effects

UCSF researchers transplanted human neurons into mice with spinal cord injuries.

Researchers “Reverse” Protein Mutation Linked to ALS

By mutating the mutation, scientists stabilized a protein that had been harming neurons.

Temporary Tattoos Could Help Treat MS

Targeted therapy strategy could reduce patients' exposure to side effects.

Study: Common Disorders Frequently Misdiagnosed as MS

New research points out the challenge of correctly identifying multiple sclerosis.

New Report Puts Global Power Wheelchair Market at $2.4 Billion in 2022

All types of power chairs are included in new study.

Research: Dystonia Medication Can Work on Multiple Areas of the Brain

Drug commonly used to treat dystonia symptoms could also work on cervical dystonia.

Study: Fatigue in MS Patients Linked to Poor Sleep Quality

People with multiple sclerosis could be helped by sleep assessments, research suggests.

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