Walk-DMC Assessment Seeks to Predict Surgical Outcomes for Kids with CP

Many children who undergo surgeries to improve mobility do not see significant gains.

FDA Advisory Panel Declines to Support DMD Drug

Accelerated approval is in jeopardy for drug that addresses Duchenne muscular dystrophy's genetic cause.

Research: Pediatric Support Surfaces Must Be Adjustable & Adaptable

Study was conducted by Amit Gefen of Tel Aviv University and Kara Kopplin of ROHO Inc.

Report: Orphan Drug Appears to Slow ALS Progression

Masitinib is already approved for veterinary use in the United States.

CVA Therapy Referrals Driven by Patient Reports

APTA CSM: Poster Presentation

CVA Therapy Referrals Driven by Patient Reports

Study: Blood Loss with SCI Leads to Poorer Outcomes

Hemorrhaging after SCI can cause oxygen deprivation to injured areas.

United Spinal Seeks Volunteers for UTI Study

New research study will examine lactobacillus impact on bladder health.

Pharmaceutical Company to Continue Friedreich’s Ataxia Clinical Trial

RT001 drug was previously found to have no significant adverse effects.

Researchers: Copper Treatments Stopped ALS Progression in Mice

Research teams are working toward expanding to human trials.

Deep Tissue Injury

Deep Tissue Injury Research, Part IV

How Clients Change & What We've Learned

Ultralight Case Study

How We Roll: Ultralight Case Study

Getting the Right Fit

An ultralightweight manual wheelchair case study that's all about attention to details.

Ultrasound Study Says Muscle Thickness Decreases In SMA Type 1

Decreases could explain increasing muscle weakness in children with spinal muscular atrophy.

Report: Accessibility, Privacy & Campus Support Can Be Key to College Success

Ball State University study gives recommendations for campuses and families.

Study: Wheelchair Users More Likely to Die in Car-Pedestrian Accidents

A lack of safe spaces for wheelchair users to operate may contribute to fatalities.

Deep Tissue Injury Research

Deep Tissue Injury Research, Part III

DTIs, Scars & Ramifications

Spina Bifida Research Award Deadline Is Nov. 9

Illinois Spina Bifida Association seeks to expand clinical understanding of the condition.

Study: Sitting Takes Toll on Kids

Children show decreased vascular function after uninterrupted sitting, new research says.

Scoliosis Seating Solutions

ATP Series

Can the Right Seating Technology Cure Scoliosis?

Mobility Management Podcast