ultralightweight system with excellent propulsion

Ultralight & Manual Wheelchair Case Studies

"I’ve Been Outside All the Time"

Ultralightweight for a boy

Ultralight & Manual Wheelchair Case Studies

A Boy's Life

New APTA Special Interest Group Focuses on Seating & Mobility

Group's goals include education as well as improving evidence-based practices.

Manual Chair Propulsion

New Discoveries

Ultralight Research, Part II

Manual Chair Propulsion: New Insight Into Maneuvering Efficiency

ALS Association Begins Investing "Ice Bucket Challenge" Funds

Research projects are top of the list, the organization announces.

Manual Chair Propulsion

Ultralight Research, Part I

Manual Chair Propulsion: New Insight Into Maneuvering Efficiency

National MS Society Announces Millions of Dollars for New Research

Projects focus on stopping disease progression, restoring lost function in patients, and eliminating MS completely.

Families of SMA Is Now Cure SMA

Spinal muscular atrophy organization will continue to work toward treatments and cures for the top genetic cause of death among infants.

Future Housing & Transportation Uncertain for Older Americans

New Harvard/AARP report singles out younger Baby Boomers for special concern.

New Discoveries

Tissues Made to Order

New Discoveries

Pressure Ulcer Research, Part 3

Bringing Technologies Together to Shape Tomorrow's Seat Cushions

The New Discoveries column series with Dr. Amit Gefen concludes with how his findings could impact future seat cushion designs.

Isis Pharmaceuticals Announces Phase 3 Study for Infants with SMA

Dosing with ISIS-SMN Rx is scheduled to begin within weeks.

New Discoveries

How Computer Models Can Advance Pressure Ulcer Research: Part 2

RESNA Updates Standing Chairs Paper

RESNA releases an updated standing wheelchairs position paper.

New Discoveries

Pressure Ulcer Research, Part 1: Tissue Engineering Reveals New Research Possibilities

Eventual applications may include providing outcome measures to prove efficacy of seating products.

Families of SMA Announces New Research Grant

Project involves SMN2 genes that could partially compensate for defective SMN1 genes.

Cerebral Palsy Clinical Trial to Use Stem Cells

A new study will compare effectiveness of stem cells taken from stored cord blood and bone marrow.

Report: Robotic Rehab Market Boom Is Around the Corner

Industry niche that includes exoskeletons will grow rapidly, according to new research.

Infants with SMA Sought for NeuroNEXT Study at UCLA

Two-year study seeks to identify biomarkers of the disease's progression.

RESNA Releases Position Papers on Wheelchair Standing & Postural Supports

New papers feature an update on the benefits of standing, and a distinction between positioning components and restraints.

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