RESNA Updates Standing Chairs Paper

RESNA releases an updated standing wheelchairs position paper.

Cerebral Palsy Clinical Trial to Use Stem Cells

A new study will compare effectiveness of stem cells taken from stored cord blood and bone marrow.

Families of SMA Announces New Research Grant

Project involves SMN2 genes that could partially compensate for defective SMN1 genes.

Report: Robotic Rehab Market Boom Is Around the Corner

Industry niche that includes exoskeletons will grow rapidly, according to new research.

RESNA Releases Position Papers on Wheelchair Standing & Postural Supports

New papers feature an update on the benefits of standing, and a distinction between positioning components and restraints.

Infants with SMA Sought for NeuroNEXT Study at UCLA

Two-year study seeks to identify biomarkers of the disease's progression.

New Stroke Research Network Created Nationwide

Twenty-five regional centers will work together to streamline research and treatment information.

OT & PT Jobs Among Best Healthcare Careers

New report anticipates more healthcare sector jobs as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

Report: Pressure Relief Market Will Top $4 Billion by 2019

Projected growth is attributed to pressure ulcer prevalence as well as climbing numbers of obese patients.

Indego Exoskeleton Takes Popular Mechanics Award

Parker Hannifin device, being trialed at Shepherd Center, is selected for its innovation.

FSMA Reports Encouraging Findings for Phase 1 Study

ISIS-SMNRx drug is being studied as a treatment for all types of spinal muscular atrophy.


New Discoveries

A Road Less Traveled: Rifton's TRAM Wins MDEA Gold Medal

Rifton's team dynamic leads to an award-winning -- and clinician-pleasing -- multi-purpose device named TRAM.

New Study Will Try to Prevent Injuries from Falls

Partnership between PCORI and NIA will study falling injuries incurred by seniors.

Research: Stroke Patients May Benefit from Watching Others Perform Tasks

Observing may help prepare patients' brains to relearn skills.

New Discoveries

Tracking Technologies: A Phase I Study to Validate Efficacy

Does power chair tracking technology help consumers to drive better?

National MS Society Devotes $18 Million to New Research

New funding will support grants and studies aimed at better understanding -- and eventually eradicating -- MS.

Swedish Scientists Implant Prosthetic-Controlling Electrodes

New process aims to reduce skin-related problems while increasing functionality.

In Case You Missed It

Research Roundup: Backrest Height Examined for Impact on Wheelchair Propulsion

Subjects propelled on level and sloped treadmill while using higher and lower backrests.

Shepherd Center to Lead Clinical Testing of Parker Exoskeleton

Indego device has been tried by patients with SCI.

FSMA Awards $150K to Drug Discovery Program

Research involves use of patient-derived motor neurons.

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