New Discoveries

Tracking Technologies: A Phase I Study to Validate Efficacy

Does power chair tracking technology help consumers to drive better?

National MS Society Devotes $18 Million to New Research

New funding will support grants and studies aimed at better understanding -- and eventually eradicating -- MS.

Swedish Scientists Implant Prosthetic-Controlling Electrodes

New process aims to reduce skin-related problems while increasing functionality.

In Case You Missed It

Research Roundup: Backrest Height Examined for Impact on Wheelchair Propulsion

Subjects propelled on level and sloped treadmill while using higher and lower backrests.

Shepherd Center to Lead Clinical Testing of Parker Exoskeleton

Indego device has been tried by patients with SCI.

FSMA Awards $150K to Drug Discovery Program

Research involves use of patient-derived motor neurons.

Study: RNS60 Drug Stops MS Progression in Mice

Drug will be the subject of a clinical trial in New York.

Study: Ability to Sit & Rise from Floor Is Closely Tied to Mortality Risk

Project examined flexibility and strength in middle-aged adults.


Editor's Note

A Fascinating Debate

Purdue Biochemist Links ALS to Defect in Protein-Transporting Gene

Understanding the role of VAPB could one day lead to treatment and prevention.

Studies: Psoriasis Medication Effective as MS Treatment

New England Journal of Medicine discusses BG-12 findings.

House Passes Pediatric Research Network Bill

Spinal muscular atrophy, Duchenne MD would be among the conditions studied.

Study: Stem Cells in MD Therapy Do Better in Low-Oxygen Environment

Low survival rates may be caused by stem cell "suffocation," researchers say.

University of Pittsburgh to Lead SCI Study

Five-year, multi-site study aims to improve consumers' wheelchair skills.

FDA Approves Lyrica for Neuropathic Pain from SCI

Medication was previously approved for pain from diabetes and fibromyalgia.


SCI Roundup: Ultralights & Propulsion

RESNA’s Position Paper Highlights Ultralight Chair Applications

Report discusses how seat slope, seat-to-back angle, backrest heights and other measurements impact ride.

SCI Roundup: Ultralights & Propulsion

Propulsion Resources

Report: Arthritis Patients Exercise Efforts Often Impeded

Foundation report identifies obstacles and six influential segments that could improve activity levels.

Study: Wheelchair Breakdowns Are Increasing Among Consumers with SCI

Chairs purchased by Medicare and Medicaid experience more breakdowns than those purchased by other payors.

RESNA Launches Position Paper on Ultralight Chairs

Paper describes factors that differentiate ultralight manual chairs from other products.

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