Study: Stem Cells in MD Therapy Do Better in Low-Oxygen Environment

Low survival rates may be caused by stem cell "suffocation," researchers say.

University of Pittsburgh to Lead SCI Study

Five-year, multi-site study aims to improve consumers' wheelchair skills.

FDA Approves Lyrica for Neuropathic Pain from SCI

Medication was previously approved for pain from diabetes and fibromyalgia.


SCI Roundup: Ultralights & Propulsion

RESNA’s Position Paper Highlights Ultralight Chair Applications

Report discusses how seat slope, seat-to-back angle, backrest heights and other measurements impact ride.

SCI Roundup: Ultralights & Propulsion

Propulsion Resources

Report: Arthritis Patients Exercise Efforts Often Impeded

Foundation report identifies obstacles and six influential segments that could improve activity levels.

Study: Wheelchair Breakdowns Are Increasing Among Consumers with SCI

Chairs purchased by Medicare and Medicaid experience more breakdowns than those purchased by other payors.

RESNA Launches Position Paper on Ultralight Chairs

Paper describes factors that differentiate ultralight manual chairs from other products.

Consumer News

BraunAbility Infographic: 3.3 Million Wheelchair Users in America

Statistics show the impact of disabilities on daily living.

Kessler Foundation Wins SCI Research Grant

Five-year grant will include study of combination locomotor therapy using dalfampridine.

Report: Power-Assist Market Worth $328 Million by 2017

Study says technology's appeal will rise in next five years.

Kessler Foundation Seeks Employment Experiences from People with Disabilities

Research and advocacy organization celebrates Disability Employment Awareness month.

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When Funding Impacts Function

Cushion Customization Project Update

University of Pittsburgh Study Highlights Ability of Skin-Protection Cushions to Prevent Pressure Sores

Nursing home residents with mobility limitations were the subjects of study.

AT Research

If Passive Standing Is Good, Is Dynamic Even Better?

Consumer Groups Survey Wheelchair Users on Equipment Selection, Purchases

Info gathered will be used to lobby policy makers, CMS.

Through November, consumer groups are gathering data on complex rehab wheelchairs in a project endorsed by AAHomecare, NRRTS and NCART.

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