Exclusive MM Online Bonus

"I Prefer to Alter This Paradigm"

Karen Kangas, OTR/L, on Teaching Very Young Children to Operate PMDs

Karen Kangas, OTR/L, on creating the right environment for young children learning to operate power chairs.

Exclusive MM Online Bonus

"Here Comes That Wall!"

Amy Morgan, PT, ATP, on Allowing Children to Interact in Three Dimensions

Amy Morgan, PT, ATP, on allowing children to interact in three dimensions when learning to operate power chairs.

A Provider’s Perspective

Dynamic Seating

A Discussion with Mike Mowry, ATG Rehab

Kids In Motion

Keeping Kids in Motion

Defining Dynamic Seating & Determining the Benefits

Our 2011 Pediatric Series kicks off with dynamic seating: What it means, how it works, who can benefit and how providers and clinicians can assess potential clients.

Kids Up Ceases Production, Closes Doors

Orders for new systems and parts are no longer being taken.

Kids Up Halts Manufacturing, Plans to Close Doors

Company based in Belgrade, Mont., specialized in dynamic seating systems for children.

Sunrise Introduces Education Courses on Adult & Pediatric Mobility

Comprehensive sessions explore clinical considerations and funding/documentation needs.

Measuring someone elses pain

Cover Feature

Feeling Their Pain

Why Clients Feel Discomfort, How It Impacts Function & How Providers Can Help

Understanding and pinpointing a seating & mobility client’s pain can be among the biggest challenges a provider or clinician faces. It’s also crucial to maximizing a client’s function and compliance. Here’s how to get started…and follow through.

Latest Bath Positioning Products Reduce Danger in the Tub

Myriad things can go wrong when immersing an immobile child into water and applying soap - happily, manufacturers are washing away those concerns.


Pediatric Funding

They’re Probably Scrutinizing a Little More

Clinically Speaking

Single-Switch Driving

A Realistic Option to Consider

Can kids really drive efficiently using just a single switch? With the right technology, know-how and support…yes!

Clinically Speaking

Confronting Limitations to Successful Outcomes in Pediatric Seating & Mobility

The first step to succeeding in pediatric seating & mobility is recognizing what might be holding us back.

Pediatric Growth

...and One To Grow On!

Creating Seating & Mobility that Fits Today & Tomorrow

Creating growable seating & mobility requires great communications skills as well as the ability to predict a child’s future needs. Here’s how to build systems that fit great today and tomorrow. PLUS: Pediatric funding.

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