GoBabyGo Early-Intervention Program Continues to Expand

Using ride-on toys as mobility bases, the University of Delaware program brings independent mobility to young children.

Teddy bear playing a guitar

ATP Series

Pediatric Pictorial

It's all about the kids: Take a look at the latest pediatric-focused seating, positioning and mobility technology.

Etac Combines R82 & Convaid Brands

Integration follows Etac's purchase of Convaid last year.

P Pod

CRT Technology Showcase

P Pod: Positioning Prowess in a Shape to Make Kids Smile

Four-limb Amelia Case Study

ATP Series: Case Study

Ingenious! Power Chair Case Studies Rising to the Occasion

Research: Pediatric Support Surfaces Must Be Adjustable & Adaptable

Study was conducted by Amit Gefen of Tel Aviv University and Kara Kopplin of ROHO Inc.

Freedom Concepts Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Mobility company is best known for its adaptive trikes, so kids can be kids.

Gait Training

Pediatric Series

Why We Love Gait Training

Gait Training Benefits Extend Far Beyond the Potential of Functional Ambulation

Is gait training a worthwhile endeavor even if the client never achieves functional ambulation?

Ki Mobility Marks 10th Anniversary

Manufacturer launches new rigid-framed chair for kids and teens as part of the celebration.

Ultrasound Study Says Muscle Thickness Decreases In SMA Type 1

Decreases could explain increasing muscle weakness in children with spinal muscular atrophy.

Report: Accessibility, Privacy & Campus Support Can Be Key to College Success

Ball State University study gives recommendations for campuses and families.

Tweens Seating & Mobility

ATP Series


The Challenges (& Fun) of Seating & Mobility for Tweens

They're not little kids any more! Tweenhood is a time for physical, social and emotional changes and growth -- along with challenges for everyone, including their seating & mobility professionals.

Rolling Dynamics, Rolling Resistance &  Optimizing Wheeled Prosthetics