Independent Mobility for Young Children

Pediatrics Series

I Can Push Myself

We Cheer the Benefits of Independent Mobility for Young Children. But Does Dependent Mobility Get a Bad Rap?

The benefits of independent pediatric mobility are many, but what role can caregiver-propelled mobility play in the life of very young children? Is there room for both technologies to co-exist?

Pediatric Mobility Products

"This Is a Time When They Need Simplicity"

Convaid Debuts New Web Site

Sections for providers, clinicians and consumers are included.

Pediatrics Series

Power Mobility: Getting Parents Onboard

Are grown-ups' expectations getting in the way of kids' potential independence?

Funding Series

Justify 'em: K0005s for Kids

Communicating with funding sources about ultralight chair documentation.

Early-Intervention Power

Pediatrics Series

Early-Intervention Power: Who Can Participate?

Do Kids Need to Be Ready for Independent Mobility? Or Does Independent Mobility Make Them Ready?

Are there prerequisite skills for very young children who could be candidates for power mobility? Should there be?

Clinically Speaking

Annie & Me: The Importance of Early Mobility Intervention

Clinically Speaking

Push Wheelchairs: When Is a Stroller Not a Stroller?

FSMA Reports Encouraging Findings for Phase 1 Study

ISIS-SMNRx drug is being studied as a treatment for all types of spinal muscular atrophy.

Ottobock Partners with Krabat AS

New agreement involves North American distribution of several pediatric products.

Clinically Speaking

"Look Who's Driving Now!" Activity Ideas for Power Mobility Evals

Understanding what motivates -- and what de-motivates -- your young power chair users can help you create a successful training program.

Stealth Products Acquires Xplore Mobility

Xplore Mobility offerings include caregiver-propelled pediatric chairs and dynamic seating systems.

Convaid Creates Fund-A-Chair Program

New program assists families interested in private fund-raising.

To Intervene or Accommodate

ATP Series

To Intervene or Accommodate

When a Seating Client Appears “Fixed,” How Should the Rehab Team Respond?

Fixed postures or deformities present unique challenges to ATPs and clinicians. When should seating systems intervene? When should they accommodate and "meet clients where they are"?

Rolling Dynamics, Rolling Resistance &  Optimizing Wheeled Prosthetics