Power Chairs

Pediatrics Series

Power Mobility: Getting Parents Onboard

Are grown-ups' expectations getting in the way of kids' potential independence?

Early-Intervention Power

Pediatrics Series

Early-Intervention Power: Who Can Participate?

Do Kids Need to Be Ready for Independent Mobility? Or Does Independent Mobility Make Them Ready?

Are there prerequisite skills for very young children who could be candidates for power mobility? Should there be?

WHILL Power Chair Prepares for American Debut

Power wheelchair's wheel and tire design enables a tight turning radius.

New Solutions to Distribute PG Drives Technology

Partnership also affects repairs processes.

Selling Consumer Power

Retail Mobility

Should You Sell Consumer Power?

Funding Cuts, Audits & Competitive Bidding: Is This Still a Profitable Product Segment?

With all of Medicare's funding challenges, is consumer mobility -- particularly scooters and consumer power chairs -- still a viable profit center?

Clinically Speaking

Choosing the Correct Specialty Control for Your Client

Curtis Instruments

Curtis Instruments’ Wheelchair Video: Speaking from the Heart

A new resource helps consumers who are transitioning to wheels.

Shoprider Introduces Rehab Division

ROVI division will design and manufacture complex rehab equipment.

Tomorrow's Power Chairs

Funding Update: Power Seat Elevation

Eye Gaze

Tomorrow's Power Chairs

Is Eye Gaze Coming to a Power Chair Near You?

Power Chair Components

Tomorrow's Power Chairs


Power Chair Components of Today and the Future Focus on One Thing: Making Every Day Better

As funding sources and consumers demand more from their complex rehab power chairs, the industry answers with new features, new adaptability and new possibilities.

Clinically Speaking

"Look Who's Driving Now!" Activity Ideas for Power Mobility Evals

Understanding what motivates -- and what de-motivates -- your young power chair users can help you create a successful training program.

New Discoveries

Tracking Technologies: A Phase I Study to Validate Efficacy

Does power chair tracking technology help consumers to drive better?

Innovation In Motion Donates Power Chairs During Call-In Week

All-terrain chairs given to Afghanistan veteran and high school student emphasize the need for mobility.

Mobility Management Podcast