Power Chairs

NGS Expands Scope of Power Chair Prepayment Review

Review will include larger number of HCPCS codes.


Seating & Positioning

Got Bad Vibes?

Everyday Jolts Can Wreak Havoc on Wheelchair Users' Quality of Life. How They Add Up & What Can Be Done

Clinically Speaking

Choosing the Correct Power Base for Your Consumer

NHIC Announces Q3 Prepayment Review Results for Standard Power Chairs

Examined claims were for HCPCS code K0823.

spinal cord injury

Spinal Cord Injury

SCI C5/C6: Power or Manual?

Figuring Out the Best Answers for Clients, Their Lifestyles, and Their Successful Futures

When clients have spinal cord injuries in the C5/C6 range, is power or manual mobility a better fit for their functional abilities and lifestyles?

Power vs. Manual: Why Timing Can Be Crucial

Curtiss-Wright Buys PG Drives

Electronics manufacturer will operate in Curtiss-Wright Controls' industrial division.

Clinically Speaking

Drive Controls & Programming a Power Chair

Funding Essentials

Capitalizing on the Opportunity of the PMD Prior Authorization Demo

NGS Releases Second-Quarter PWC Prepayment Review Results

Additional documentation still missing in many denied claims cases.

Q&A with Jason J. Curtis, Ottobock

Skippi Power Chair Boasts Wide-Ranging Adaptability

From get-in-and-go to the flexibility of alternative driving controls, Skippi is built to meet kids' needs.

NHIC Reports Q4 Results of K0823 Prepayment Review

Reviews will continue based on latest rounds of results.

CMS Unveils Cover Sheet, Flow Chart for PMD Demo

Providers continue to worry about their ability to meet Medicare delivery timelines

NGS Announces Q4 PWC Prepayment Review Results

Lack of medical necessity continues to be a stumbling block for providers.

NHIC Announces Results of Q3 K0823 Prepayment Review

DME MAC reports it denied 55 percent of power chair claims involved.

Mobility Management Podcast