Seating & Positioning


The Impact of Positioning in the Classroom Setting

Supporting mobility and participation with peers is crucial for all children.

dynamic seating survey results

Clinically Speaking

Dynamic Seating: The Results Are In!

PDG Mobility Elevation wheelchair

ATP Series

Defining Dynamic Wheeled Mobility

Defining Dynamic

ATP Series

Defining Dynamic

In Complex Rehab, One Word Is Full of Possibilities

Complex rehab technology's buzzword: Seating & mobility systems that move, change and adapt in real time.

24-Hour Posture Management

Clinically Speaking

24-Hour Posture Management: Challenges to Implementation

ALS headrest

Clinically Speaking

ALS & Headrests: How Open CRT Offers New Opportunities

Wheelchair for someone that was 20 Years in Bed

Clinically Speaking

Case Study: 20 Years in Bed, Part 2

Child with Thrombocytopenia-absent radius syndrome

ATP Series: Case Studies

Making the Case for Standing

Demonstrating CRT for ALS

Clinically Speaking

Open CRT for ALS: A Demonstration

Clock: Managing Posture around the clock

Pediatrics Clinically Speaking

24-Hour Posture Management: An Introduction

Bodypoint: Announcement of New Sales VP Demonstrates Ongoing Growth

Positioning manufacturer references global strategies and growth in latest promotion.

P Pod

CRT Technology Showcase

P Pod: Positioning Prowess in a Shape to Make Kids Smile

Lying in Bed Case Study

Clinically Speaking

Case Study: 20 Years of Lying in Bed

Moving from bed to wheelchair… after 20 years!

Going Full Tilt

ATP Series

Going Full Tilt

As Anterior & Lateral Tilt Become More Widely Available, ATPs & Clinicians Have Positioning Options Beyond Posterior

Posterior tilt is the most common form of tilt, but it isn’t the only one that can be helpful to seating clients. What benefits can anterior and lateral tilt offer?

Amysystems power lateral tilt

A Manufacturer's Perspective: Why Offering Other Forms of Tilt Is Important

Advancing technology can provide more positioning options for clients with very specific needs.

Rolling Dynamics, Rolling Resistance &  Optimizing Wheeled Prosthetics