Seating & Positioning

Virtual Seating Coach

CRT Technology Showcase

A Virtual Voice in Your Client's Corner

AEL AirLogic Line

CRT Technology Showcase

AEL's AirLogic Line: Details, Details

Scar Tissue

ATP Series

Dealing with Scar Tissue Is a Lifelong Challenge for Seating Professionals

How scar tissue forms, why it is different than healthy tissue, and the impact it has on wheelchair seating decisions.

RESNA Updates Position Paper on Tilt, Recline & ELRs

New version takes into account recent research, best practice usage and new technology.


CRT Technology Showcase

iLevel: Raising Clients to Greater Heights

Positioning & Palliative Care

ATP Series

Positioning & Palliative Care

How Do Seating & Mobility Priorities Change for These Clients?

Maximizing a wheelchair client's independence and quality of life is always a goal of the ATP or seating & wheeled mobility clinician. But when a client is under palliative and/or hospice care, other factors also need to be considered.

Permobil F3/F5

CRT Technology Showcase

Permobil F3/F5: Positioning & Power Without Compromise

New power base offers new array of positioning functions.

Seat Elevation

Funding Series

Justify It: Seat Elevation

Despite a Myriad of Benefits, This Positioning Option Remains a Tough Sell to Funding Sources.

Seat elevation can make the world a more accessible place for wheelchair users, and can facilitate the safe performance of a number of mobility-related activities of daily living. Why then are funding sources lagging in recognizing the many benefits of this positioning opportunity?

Tilt & Recline

ATP Series

Justify It! Tilt & Recline

Having Both Functions on the Same Wheelchair Can Yield Clinical Benefits -- But Opposition from Payors

Clients can benefit when these positioning systems are used together on the same chair. But payors are not always eager to fund them. Here's how to change their minds.

ATP Series

Tilt & Recline: One Client's (& ATP's) Story

Standing Frames & Wheelchairs

ATP Series

Justify It: Standing Frames & Wheelchairs

Research supports the many possible benefits of standing for wheelchair users. The next challenge: To get funding sources to buy in.

RESNA Updates Standing Chairs Paper

RESNA releases an updated standing wheelchairs position paper.

Rolling Dynamics, Rolling Resistance &  Optimizing Wheeled Prosthetics