Seating & Positioning

Comfort Company Is NEMED Vendor of the Year

Seating & positioning manufacturer is honored for industry contributions.

Examining Kyphosis

Examining Kyphosis

Assessing & Answering Clients’ Varied Needs

It’s a condition that impacts seating & mobility clients of varying ages, and for different reasons, causing a number of challenges for the rehab team. Here’s how technology — and the right assessment — can help.

Bodypoint Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Dave Hintzman and Matthew Kosh founded company in 1991.

Kids In Motion

Keeping Kids in Motion

Defining Dynamic Seating & Determining the Benefits

Our 2011 Pediatric Series kicks off with dynamic seating: What it means, how it works, who can benefit and how providers and clinicians can assess potential clients.

Altimate Medical Joins U.S. Rehab, VGM Group

Standing frame manufacturer now a member of the member services group.

Kids Up Ceases Production, Closes Doors

Orders for new systems and parts are no longer being taken.

Clinically Speaking

Understanding & Managing Shear

Taking control of shear.


The Recline of Civilization

The Physics, the Indications & How Recline Can Work with (While Differing from) Tilt

More than just a supplement to tilt, recline is a unique positioning option with its own benefits, indications and contraindications. Plus: The funding picture for recline.

Paying to Recline

Funding Update

Paying to Recline

Seating and Positioning Series

Time To Tilt!

From the mechanics of tilt to the evolution of tilt designs and the clinical support it offers, experts discuss which seating & mobility clients can benefit from this positioning option.

Positioning 24/7

How Assistive Technology & DME Can Also Help Clients at Night

Proper positioning at night can enable safer, more comfortable and restorative sleep. Here's how assistive technology can help.

Freedom Designs Launches Cable-Free Freedom CGX Tilt-in-Space

Growable manual chair enables caregivers to easily position users of all sizes.

Funding Case Study

Podcast with Ginger Walls

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