Seating & Positioning

The Comfort Company Launches Custom Seating Division

Comfort Designs line is created to accommodate customized seating needs as well as flexibility.


On Their Own Two Feet

Today’s Technology Offers Multiple Ways for Consumers to Benefit from Standing -- So, What Works Best?

The clinical, social and emotional benefi ts of standing are many, but which types of standing technology are best for diff erent applications?

Bariatric Business

Building a Bariatric Business

Why Complex Rehab Providers Can Be Well Suited to Serving Bariatric Clients... & How to Get Started

Serving bariatric seating & mobility clients requires a keen understanding of the various clinical and environmental challenges they face…as well as knowledge of the assistive technology that can make all the diff erence in their independence.

Seat-to-Floor Heights

Pediatric Series: Early-Intervention Positioning

Seat-to-Floor Heights & Early Intervention

A different take on seat-to-floor heights for your littlest clients.

Early-Intervention Positioning

Pediatric Series

The Power of Early-Intervention Positioning

Providing Infants & Toddlers with Proper Positioning — & Positioning Options — Can Impact Their Whole Lives

There’s more to early intervention than wheeled mobility! Experts discuss the many benefits of introducing alternate positioning to infants and toddlers.

Pediatric Series: Early-Intervention Positioning

Proper Positioning from the Start

Seat Cushions

Seating & Positioning 2012 Handbook

Time to Make a Change?

How Environment, Media & Everyday Living Impact Seat Cushion Life... & When It’s Time for a Replacement

Assessing Lymphedema’s Seating & Mobility Challenges

Q&A with Stephanie Tanguay, OTR, ATP

Pride Acquires Kids Up

Pediatric dynamic seating & mobility company will restart operations on June 6. Production will remain in Montana.

Seat Cushion Form & Function

Seat Cushion Special

Form & Function

How Design Elements Impact Cushion Performance

Our special section examines how cushion designs and features impact performance.

Online Exclusive!

When Funding Impacts Function

Cushion Customization Project Update

Comfort Company Is NEMED Vendor of the Year

Seating & positioning manufacturer is honored for industry contributions.

Examining Kyphosis

Examining Kyphosis

Assessing & Answering Clients’ Varied Needs

It’s a condition that impacts seating & mobility clients of varying ages, and for different reasons, causing a number of challenges for the rehab team. Here’s how technology — and the right assessment — can help.

Bodypoint Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Dave Hintzman and Matthew Kosh founded company in 1991.

Rolling Dynamics, Rolling Resistance &  Optimizing Wheeled Prosthetics