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Power to the People

Body Tech NW Moves

injury prevention, propulsion technology, manual wheelchair users, power-assist systems, Researchers Dr. Margaret Finley and Dr. Mary Rodgers

Preventive Measures: Emerging Propulsion Technology for Manual Wheelchairs

Clinically Speaking

Last month, Dr. Mark Schmeler of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Rehabilitation Science & Technology discussed hot 2008 rehab topics, including the new ATS requirement. This issue, he follows up with how suppliers can prepare for the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America’s (RESNA) ATS exam.

Positioning Update

Catching Up on Funding & Educational Progress, from Tilt & Recline to Standing & Elevation

Positioning is something we so casually take for granted that we usually don’t notice it as long as we can do it.

Positioning Update

Catching up on funding & educational progress, from tilt & recline to standing & elevation

A Matter of Trust

Our roads and airports have dedicated funding sources, why not do the same for water with a national clean water trust fund?

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