RESNA Launches Position Paper on Ultralight Chairs

Paper describes factors that differentiate ultralight manual chairs from other products.

Ultralights on the Mind

Manufacturers Discuss the Most Important Factors to You & Your Clients

How important are an ultralightweight manual chair’s aesthetics? Its overall weight? Its adjustability? We take our yearly look at what factors are driving this dynamic market segment.

Icon Wheelchairs Debuts Fully Adjustable K0005

Ultralightweight wheelchair company, based in Mass., shows chair at Abilities Expo.

wheelchair shoulder stressors

On Their Shoulders

Propulsion Is Often Blamed for Shoulder Pain, But Is that a Fair Assessment?

Another Opinion...

It Is Still Really a Folding Chair...a Modern Version, However

Building the Best Ultralight

Building the Best Ultralight

Industry Experts Share Their Blueprints for Success

Details, details: When it comes to fine-tuning performance for K0005 wheelchair users, components can count as much as the frame. Here's how tires, wheels, suspension components and pushrims can make or break a great ride.

Clash of the Titans 2011: Folding vs. Rigid

Clash of the Titans 2011: Folding vs. Rigid

For Superior Ride, Transportability & Adjustability, Does One Design Prevail?

Tradition states that ultralightweight rigid chairs offer superior ride and lighter weights, while folding chairs are easier to transport and provide greater adjustability. Is the evolution of ultralights bringing these two design rivals closer together? Or is there still a clear-cut “winner”?

Configuring for Ultralightweight Success

Clinically Speaking

Ultralights: The Journey So Far & What’s Up Next

Clash of the Titans

Aluminum vs. Titanium

For Ultralightweight Chair Users, Is There a Clear Winner?

It’s the clash of the titans: Which metal is the better choice for ultralightweight manual chair performance and design? Is there a clear winner? And how do funding sources weigh in?

Medicare Announces HCPCS Code Updates for 2010

Three wheelchair codes are discontinued as of Jan. 1

Spinergy Introduces Three New Spoke Colors

Green, pink, orange join existing color choices.

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