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The KidWalk system encourages hands-free, self-initiated exploration for children. The key to this dynamic mobility system is lateral weight shift during ambulation to mimic natural gait patterns. Auto-centering pelvic guides align the lower body. Height and angle can easily be adjusted while the device is in use. The mid-wheel-drive location offers better control and a smaller turning radius for easier maneuvering, and KidWalk rolls smoothly over varied terrains. It’s available in two sizes and disassembles for easy transport or storage.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2016:

For more upright gait, [I use] KidWalk and appreciate the dynamic movement in all the planes of motion. Recently, [I] had some children with inseams that were 6” and less. KidWalk was just too high. [I] contacted Prime Engineering, and they told me about their extra-small early-intervention model. Now I have all the features I love, for my itty-bitty clients.

— Wendy Altizer, PT, ATP, Milestones Physical Therapy

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